Keeps Getting Worse

I'm 18 atm, soon to be 19, supposed to be an adult
I have no history of sexual abuse or physical abuse but I left home because my parents wanted me to change who I was when in reality they were the ones who needed to change.
My dad is an alcoholic who won't get help and I'm convinced he's going to die of alcoholic poisoning. He's also a cross dresser which I just found out a few weeks ago. My mom is actually crazy, I'm not just saying that, she can't control her emotions and is constantly freaking out and yelling. I'm old enough to know that something is wrong with her.
I'm not an angel kid, I'm not innocent in this matter, but the way I am is because of them and I hate them for what they've done. They should have gotten a divorce a long time ago but instead their still together with the papers signed because if they split my dad doesn't make enough to support himself and we;re afraid he'll drink himself to death.
I left my house last night, went to a shelter cause I didn't wanna move in with my friends. My god parents picked me up. The last time I got kicked out they said they'd pick me up and then my mom disowned them as godparents cause she didn't want them taking me in and taking sympathy on me cause I'm a pathetic moron.
neways, now i'm stuck here and unhappy and depressed and i don't know what to do.
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I wish the best for you. I believe you will be successful with studying and working hard.

I feel sorry to you. This is 2013 now. You must be 22 year-old now. I hope you have a better life.

First. Realize that you are not alone. There are others just like you who have overcome and eventually flourished. The next step is to find and associate with people like you. Go to Alanon. I know no one wants to but if you have the courage to go you will find you life starting to change.

You are 18 and you are an adult.You can go and live with your friends or you can take up a job and find a room for yourself.I know its very hard 4 u right now.If there is no other way,then try to contact someone who can give you advice.Call up your god parents and ask them if they know of some kind of job for you and ask them if they can make some kind of shelter arrangement for you.And till then concentrate on your studies and try to spend as much time as you can out of your house.library,park,job,church,friends house,just anywhere and if you are in school then focus on your studies and get yourself into some club like some self-defence course or yoga or anything.On weekends try to volunteer on old age homes or some thing like that.YOU ARE NOT A PATHETIC MORON.DONT UNDERESTIMATE YOURSELF.GIVE YOURSELF A CHANCE.PROVE IT TO YOUR PARENTS THAT YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON WHO DESERVES A GOOD LIFE.DONT LET YOUR PARENTS PICK ON YOU.BE STRONG.R u from U.S.A?If yes then you can also seek help from police if your mom dares to abuse you in any way.FOR NOW,FIND A JOB.ANY JOB.AND STAY OUT OF HOME AS LONG AS POSSIBLE,BE IN LIBRARY AND STUDY HARD AND PREPARE YOURSELF FOR A JOB IN FUTURE.YOU DESERVE BETTER.

You are very true. I am completely agree with you.