Wanding Where They Are

When I was two years old my parents upped and moved leaving me behind. Luckily I don't remember this. I never seen or heard from them again,luckily after a week 1of the neighbours heard me crying none stop and the next day decided to call the police as they noticed there was no car in the driveway ether.I will never thank this person enough. I was immedetily taken to Hospital where I was found to have cuts and busies all over me. After that I was taken into care. I can't remember how many times I ran away from there. I did find one good foster home but it was only short term. Then when I was 13 I started smoking pot which eventually led to crack and LSD and some other **** then when I was 15 I decided I had enough of being shoved from pillar to post and I packed what cloths I had and left. I moved down south as I had mates down there, this Was poberly the worst thing I did when I was there I just got more and more into drugs some times I just didn't leave where I was living at that time for weeks on end, then when I was 16 my " mate" kicked me out and now I'm 17 and have been living rough and Kipping at freinds houses some nites just for somewhere warm to sleep. I can't help but wander why my parents left and where they are.
runningtonowhere runningtonowhere
18-21, F
Mar 29, 2011