I Was A Teen Runaway With A Traveling Carnival.

A few months ago,in late june of this year I got in a huge fight with my father, (who I was living with) and we ended up beating the crap out of each other. It was the first time we ever got into it like that. The same day, I packed my things and hopped on a greyhound bus to Indianapolis to stay with my stepdad and work with him in construction. He agreed not to tell my mother or family back home as I told him it would only be until I turned 18 and with that 'under the table' construction gig I would save enough for sure to get my own place or a car.

But that same week, we went to the fair that was in town for the Fourth of July, I got curious and started asking around, spoke with the boss and told me to help them on tear-down night. I did and they hired me for a traveling job with them. I was put to work in a food joint with this forty something who was always being extra nice to me since I got there. Always wanting to drink and smoke pot with me, I knew he was weird (plus this other chick pulled me aside one time and told me he liked young guys) and when he saw I wasn't giving him any play, it must have really pissed him off after a couple weeks. He started bitching to our supervisor about things that I was supposedly doing wrong in the store that were untrue. Finally one night ,before jump day, he got really ****** and wasted and attacked me in my bunk room. I fought him and managed to open my door and run out. Eventually the cops were called and he was arrested. He was a good friend of everyone there and they got really pissed at me for "getting him arrested".

It was alot of drama "I" had worked up in my time there and I'm not one to live with that kind of tension among people, so early that morning I packed and took off walking and hitchhiked to a small town called Anderson, Indiana. I payed a greyhound driver cash to get me to Indianapolis and was too ashamed to go back to my stepdad's so I was homeless there for about a week. In another act of randomness I snuck onto an Amtrak train headed to Chicago, where it was even more dangerous to be homeless. I made a few bucks by helping the taxi drivers load peoples luggage into the cabs and stealing and selling sunglasses at the train station. A friend of mine who I kept in touch with throughout, told me she had saved some money asked me to please come back to Dallas, for her. I felt so bad because I knew she cared about me as I her, so I agreed and she bought my bus ticket back home. I returned to my family who were only relieved to see me again and was given a room at my aunts to get back on my feet.

I have since been kicked out of my aunts for losing so much weight and refusing to go into treatment for my eating disorder, and am now living in my car. I work on an assembly line in a factory in Dallas and am trying to get a second job. I dont plan on keeping in touch with my family because I'm tired of dissapointing them.

I dont mind my situation now really and I plan on going to NYC by winter time (money saved of course) to stay with some distant relatives , six to an apartment. Who havent spoken to my family in Dallas for years. I have always like drama and the arts and I guess I have kind of a fantasy of running away and becoming an actor. But realistically I plan on studying for it and know there'll be alot of bumps in the road.

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damn dude, im really reconsidering this. my mom keeps telling me to leave.

How did you sneak on a train?