My Life As A Teenage Runaway: #FAIL

Every since i moved to a new house, experienced the wonders of divorce with my parents, and rode the roller coaster of high school, ive been really depressed. "Im just a 16 year old  with a nasty attitude", says my mom. But i really dont care what she says. my parents got divorced about 2 or 3 years ago, i cant really remember much, they kept it a "secret". im no idiot. Everybody and they mama knew what was going on. Then, a couple of years later, i entered the world of highschool. i dont know what highschool was/is like for you, but highschool in missouri aint much. its ok. Im one of the most popular students in my school. you probably thinking, well then what the hell do you have to worry about?-_-   im now a junior. time for me to make big boy decisions. Ive had 3 jobs, sucessfully, and legally obtained my drivers license, and what not. life seems good, right??.......WRONG. me and my mom fight ALL the time. all we do is argue. i live with her, my 12 yr old brother, and my 15 year old sister. Mama doesnt like me much. you can always tell when somebody doesnt enjoy your company, no matter who it is. she treats everybdy else with love and care, but not me. so last night, 10/25/11, we got into this really dumb argument, b/c she was going to let me throw a party for Halloween, but she said i had to clean. i was like, "ok, bet" so one day i was at work, and she dumped everything out of my closet, and said clean it up. NOTICE: she never would even think about doing this to my other siblings, and im not the oldest, i have a 19 yr old brother in college! so she expected me to clean it in one day, or i couldnt throw the party, but she never told me this. i was busy w/ homework the day i was "saposed" to clean, so i didnt get finished cleaning. anyway, back to last night. she brought up that i didnt clean up, so she said i cant throw the party. AFTER I INVITED ALL OF MY FRIENDS, YOU SAT AND WATCHED MY BUY SUPLIES FOR THE PARTY, GET NEW SPAEKERS, ECT. I got soooo mad. i decieded i'd just run away. i planned it all out that night, got my siht, and was ready to ditch out. i stepped foot outside, looked around, and went back in. youre probably like... PUSSSSY!! lmao i was saying the same thing. idk what stopped me from leaving w/ no return. and the crazy thing is, i was soooo ready. i had clothes, shoes, money, hygine items, a car, any non-trackable personal belongings, and other stuff. i was a 16 yr old black teen set out on a adventure. but something deeeep down inside told me, dont run away. so i sat down to tell my story...
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2 Responses Oct 26, 2011

And this is why some adults are in nursing homes with no one visiting. Sometimes parents just aren't very good parents and the best we can do is remember it's not us that's the problem. It's too easy to make bad decisions that mess up our lives forever when we're angry. Luckily at some point you'll be able to get out of there if you don't act stupid now.

It's a good thing you didn't. Life at home seems bad but life on the streets in the teenage years can be a life condemment.