I Almost Made It

At the start of this year (8th grade) I was miserable. I hated waking up every morning and having to face my school and peers. All my parents and I did much was fight, and I cried myself to sleep every night. Finally, one morning on the way to school, I snapped. I realized I had forgotten my gym uniform at home and asked my dad if he would take me home to get it. He began yelling and freaking out and I was so scared I was almost crying. With tears streaming down my face, we arrived in the school parking lot. He called our school guidance counselor and told her I was trying to cut school and to come walk me inside, which was not true, I just wanted my clothes. Finally, he agreed to take me home to get my stuff. He angrily dialed my mom and lectured me the whole way home. I was scared an I waned out of that car so bad. When we got to my house I didn't wait for the car to park, I just jumped out the side and ran for it. My mom and little sister were sitting on our front porch and when my dad jumped out and started after me, my mom saw how angry he was and told my sister to get in the house. I ran to the porch and frantically tried to reach the door, but my dad grabbed my wrist and jerked me to the edge of the porch. My mom was screaming at him to calm down and he was cussing at me. I was so scared that he was going to push me off, with the way he was shaking me, that I mustered all my strength and pushed him away to run inside. I barely made it and I ran to my room to lock my door. I packed all the money I had (about 500 dollars) saved up and got a few pairs of jeans, some shirts, my jacket, cellphone, etc. into a book bag. Then I opened my window and threw the bag down so my parents wouldn't know I was running off. I walked a few miles down the road until I got to a church not too far from our house and walked around the back. I had no idea what to do next, because I hadn't planned this. I have no friends that I am close enough to to live with, and most of my family members would rat me out. I decided to call my grandma and just stay at her house for a while until I had a better game plan. She didn't pick up though, so I was going to just walk there. Unfortunately, my mom drove up and dragged me into the car. I have tried again once since then but didn't make it. I plan to try again, if not in the next month or two, then when I get my license, so it will be easier. So if you have any ideas to help me escape, things I should/shouldn't do, etc, please tell me.

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6 Responses Jan 2, 2012

Turn off your phone and anything that is chipped and there is usually a tracker in the car in front of the steering weel make sure to find it if you cant then it might not have one or some where else find a way to get money and use payphones so that they cant track you down im not saying that it is a good idea and am not responsible if anything happens just in case

if you live in california pleeease email me! - elvirathegodess @yahoo.com -

shannelav is right - Be careful or you will end up sucking **** for some pimp and the beatings your parents gave you will pale in comparsion - Being a street ***** is not glamorous , You will be forced to have sex with men you wouldnt sit next to on a bus in your old world.

Don't TRUST anybody! You are a girl. Find shelter for homeless teens....the other teens might help you out. You might get boyfriend that can protect you. Don't **** anyone without condom or do any drugs.......Don't listen to anyone. I'm dead serious

guess i was very lucky i was rescued by my best friends mother and given a new home and love for the first time in my life

isabella, email me. kasi4040@yahoo.com. i can help Mike