A Gypsy And A Gadji

like you know im a runaway i already told my dark story. But there is a happy part too, sadly its has a sad ending
i want to tell ya about my friend milo he was the best thing that ever happened to me.
I met Milo when he was 12 and i was 11 unlike me he wasnt a runaway he was a thrown away his parents kicked him out when he was eleven because they couldnt feed so may mouths (he had 5 sibilings) so he had to live on streets.
the summer i met him i was looking for a warm place to stay so i knew that there was some good places in florida and i decided that i was going there , but of course i had no way of transporting so i asked for a ride after a while some guys stopped and toke me in their car but of course they had other intentions and after like an hour of traveling they told me about those intentions (i think i dont even need to write it u can imagine what those intention were), and when i refused to do what they were asking me they kicked me out of the car droping me in the middle of who the hell knows where , and i couldnt do anything but walk and walk and . I was real hungry so i went looking for a shelter and thats when i met Milo he was a newby i could see he looked really scared and i knew only by looking at him that it was her first time being homeless, and i dont know why but something about him made me tink about my older bro so i decided that i was going to help him besides i was a little bit bored of being all the time alone
i taught him everything since how to find a warm place, keeping away from main roads where the cops can find u, avoiding perverts, shoplift, good and bad places to stay and everything else u need to know in order to survive on streets.
he was really good with me he was kinda overprotective haha i found it amusing. He taught me stuff to, cuz he was a gypsy (romani i remember he liked to be called he said gypsy was offensive) we danced on streets his rumbas and was very fun we wrote our gypsy songs and performed from the citizens haha we were pretty bad but people gave us money anyways maybe because we were cute and carismatic haha i dont know
well we were like this for almost 3 years we were like twins he was the closest thing to family that i ever had but sadly fate wasnt in our side like always and we got in some troubles we were doing some jobs for a really bad people and we owned them some money and in streets the laws are applied with fire and the fire is the place where theres no return ; one morning i headed down the church to get some free food and Milo decided he was going to sleep a little longer .... i didnt saw it coming but when i was back Milo was already gone i looked for him everywhere and there was no trace of him lately one of the girls we knew told me that some guys in a white van came and toke him thats when my whole world felt apart i knew that i wasnt going to see my Milo anymore
anyways i go to our places evrytime i can and i just sit there like waiting for him to come pick me but he never shows up. Despite how things ended up i thank god every day for having met Milo he was my angel on earth and he gave me hope that there was some good in this world i daydream with him almost everday i picture us dancing our gypsy song in some corner...only me and him a gypsy and a gadji a runaway and a thrown-away two broken kids who had the world for them selves
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I see. It is also Korean for someone who lives on the street. Strange coincidence.<br />
I spent some time living on the streets myself. Saying it sucked is an unstatement. I hope things turn around for you.

Gadji? Are you Korean?<br />
I'm sorry to hear about your friend. The streets are a rough place.

no gadji is the name gypsies call non gypsy people