I'm Seriously Contemplating Running Away

In a months time, I would want nothing more than to be far away from where I am now.

Like any teenager, I feel as though I don't fit in. I don't fit in. I'm depressed, and my faltering grades just add on to my depression.
There will obviously be dangers ahead of me, no need to comment that.

Although, people are still people -- prostitutes will listen. Though rapists, muggers, and murderers probably won't, and that's why I'm
taking necessary precautions before sleeping anywhere.

I'm miserable here, but I'm so confused. As Leif has said, you can only find true content if you are free of fear and guilt and I will be.
It makes me sad as they've also stated that a search of happiness in an external world is a search without end.

I just want to be happy, doesn't everyone?
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3 Responses May 5, 2012

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Call 1-800runaway they can help with any problem. It's my suggestston i've never called them but I know they'll help.

It seems that most people as teenagers feel as if they don't fit in, I know I didn't. Unless there is violence or abuse in your home, and you can't deal with it, I wouldn't runaway. That's easy for me to say, I know. Living on the street has all the dangers you just mentioned, and more I probably can't imagine.<br />
My advice is try to get your grades up, concentrate on schooling, to not only prepare you for a future but also to distract you from your problems. It's not the most balanced solution, but it's better than homelessness, addiction, or other possibilities.<br />
I hope this helps with your decision and good luck.

This is a while ago, but your reply helps me right now. My mom and dad physically beat me and my mom verbally abuses me. My dad just straight up doesn't care if I exist because he wanted a son. He used to beat my mom as well. My mom yells at me for fun every weekend, and her eyes are like fish eyes without a soul. I tried running away last night but just slept outside because it was 11pm and I wasn't sure where to go. I came home and my mom was still mean to me. Just last night she slapped my face 3 times really hard and helped me pack my bag. Man, I just want to be gone so bad. I hate this place. I'll follow your advice and get an education and then go to college and then move away asap and never contact my parents again.