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Im 14. I haven't run away yet, but take the time to read this please. I've been planning to run for almost a year. I'm supposed to meet up with my boyfriend who is 17 cause he's running away too. Life at home is terrible... My dad spends more time buying things off the Internet then he does with me. My mom says everything I do is wrong. Everything I do is bad. She's always critizing me and she thinks I'm a freak cause I wear skinnies, knee high converse, and band tees. She makes me go to a freaking therapist for my "problems" that dont exist. My parents think I'll end up in jail cause one of my friends smokes...Life at school is horrible. Im bullied everyday. They all call me "the Jew", the emo freak, worthless, attention *****, ugly,a mistake, and waste of time/ space. I have 2 or 3 friends there. They never stand up for me....ever. I've already told them I'm leaving. I have 10 more days till I graduate but my boyfriend want to leave tomorrow. I want to finish up the 8th grade though so we can leave in the summer. He's INSISTING we leave tomorrow night. I dont know what to do. I hate my life here, I want to leave so bad. Does anyone have any tips? Please help.
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Did u do it?

I know just what your feeling. I'm a guy but I wear skinnies vans and band tees and my mom say I'm gunna go to jail looking like that. Also I'm bullyed everyday to cause I'm a Jew and a lot of other things. But just remember, everything is going to be ok.

Thanks... for everythingg. I mean it. I didnt go. Update: My boyfriend left without me. He just recently came back.

The people at the top have good suggestions. I respect their ideas and opioins, but if I planned to run away and had a boyfriend like you I would tell him that we should plan to stay a at a friends for a few days. And in that time I would call 1-800<br />
runaway. They can help with any problem. I swear to god they can help you.

Please don't go!<br />
If your boyfriend is pressuring you to do something you are not comfortable with, he does not have your best interests at heart.<br />
As a former runaway, I can tell you running solves nothing.<br />
As a parent of a runaway, I can tell you running solves nothing.<br />
Try talking to your dad if you can and tell him straight up -- Dad, I need your attention, I am having a hard time right now. If not him, contact another relative, a school counselor or teacher, a friend's parent, a pastor at any church. There are people out there who care and who can help if they know you need it.<br />

do not do it