Ran Away Yesterday...

Me and my best friend, we both have a lot of **** going down at the moment. well, for years. were both 15, and we left yesterday at school. we ran. we went thru feild, went thru mud, climbed trees. hid for hours. we got found and got questioned by the police. the teachers say i cant see my friend at school. they also told my boyfriend to stay away from me so he ended it. my familly hate me, and so does everyone else at school. they were the 2 people i really cared about. and their trying to take them away. what do i do now? i want to die. i cut too and my parents saw too. i dont know. i have to go again but i dont know how. anyone i could stay with?? xxx
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where r u from?

I ran away at age 15 as my mother passed away & I didnt get on with my step dad, At 1st I was staying at friends houses & thought it was great doing my own thing. Turned out an unforgetable nightmare & something I would advise you not to do. No matter what you're feeling running away is not the answer it can lead to all sorts of traumatic experiences & even putting your life at risk. If theres things going on at home that you cant cope with I suggest talking to an adult & if you feel unable then see a doctor who can offer help & support with the cutting & may be able to get you in touch with other proffessionals that can help you avoid the street life of homelessness. I really hope you can take this advise & do things the right way, best of luck

Well... I dont think they can tell him to stay away... you have a right to be able to meet your boyfriend and be with your friends. I cut myself too but I try to hold back and not do it too much... My mother saw it and locked me in my room for that.. Also teachers cannot tell you what to do whatsoever. they are there to teach, not be slave-drivers.<br />
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If I were in your position I would leave right after school if you took a bus home or walked. I would try to get as many contacts as possible so there was loads of places I could stay.. If you get picked up from school then it would probably be best to say you're going to a friends house :) Hope you feel better soon... but <br />
I would not advise doing it or being away for a longer period of time.. you could get in a lot of trouble for it.. :c *huggies* <3