This Is How I Ran Away My Story

To start if you think i am writing this for your mercy, sympathy, or grief LEAVE NOW. I am writing this for everyone who plans on running away and that needs some insight into the live of one. To first start i first made a run away attempt when i was 16. I never had a rough life never really struggled but i wasn't given anything in a handbasket either. I had the average familys life. My family is very wrong and messed up alot of familys have problems but my family just disgusts me. They backstab and fight over everything and dont treat each other how familys should. They know how to fight more than they know how to love. Anyways this was just a spark to a flame that has been long ignited in my soul to leave for a better life. School wasnt bad but i was always the one to look down on and walked upon. I didnt take anyones **** assure you that but its not a life worth having when you gotta constantly put on a smile for everyone else so they dont see the tortured soul behind it. My parents werent really physically abusive only when i was really really young but they were about as untrusting and emotionally abusive as humans can be. I would get blamed for things i didnt do i would honestly mostly try to do right by people and theyd only see the wrong i could never please them they were unsatisfiable. Alone at night i found myself crying and i decided this would be the last time. So that day after school i took off and hid behind a wal mart( local store) and had no clue what to do next so i called my friend and told him my situation. He picked me up the next day after sleeping out behind the store terrified never knowing what was gonna happen when i closed my eyes. So thank god he finally comes and we take off i tell him everything and hes kind resilient everytime we take off to go he kinda stopped and slowed. Eventually i convinced him to go to his house as we took all his stuff and sold it to get some quick cash. He pulled into a grocery store and said he couldnt go any further. After convincing him to let me have the keys i took off and he hopped in as we headed on our way. Every time we slowed hed try to jump out so id have to speed up i was terrified of being alone. Eventually we stopped to get some food and i fell asleep and awoke to a cop putting there flashlight in my face. They took me to the station where i was eventually taken home. This is where i learned. 2 years passed and i cant take my life anymore. Ive talked to this girl online for awhile i was so in love ABSOLOUTLY NOT LUST and we talked about seeing the country together me and her against the world the love as our fuel and sword. We always talked about it she had a horrible boyfriend he treated her like **** and im not one to step on guys toes but the way he made her think of herself and feel i had to save this beautiful delicate girl. Quite some time goes by and ive only talked to her over the internet and one day my mom comes home and kicks me off computer. Before i could tell her one last time I love you. That ignited me. I couldnt stand not telling her that before i left. I never got to tell her i love her. Sure that may be a dumb reason to do what im about to tell you but it was all it took for me. That night i stayed up all night thinking to myself....wondering how she is just praying shes all right and knows i love her. So that night i pack everything and stow it away down the road about half a mile for pickup in the morning. Morning comes and everyone leaves. I sit and ponder my mind is made. I put on my headphones grab a crowbar and smash there tv. Then i break down there door and smashed there computer. I wanted my parents to feel the pain of having what they loved taken from them. As with that notion i had a fake handgun in my bag that looked real. I tried to flag down a car and stick it in there face so i could steal there car but no one pulled over. Eventually a cop pulled close by as i left off on my bike to other directions. I walked for a couple miles eventually to a convenient store where i hitchhiked a ride from a guy. I had nothing to my name at all. No identity, no food, no money, nothing i left on a whim. He took me into another state. Maryland. We rode around for awhile until about 8pm when he dropped me off at a truck stop. I tried getting rides from various truckers but none would give me one. I ended up sleeping in the back of that truck stop in a chair in the bitter cold without food for 3 days before cops eventually showed. I gave them a fake story and eventually they found the truth and took me to a hospital to stabilize me. There they gave me a choice to be taken to a mental hospital....not if i WANTED to go but if i would go PEACEFULLY or NOT. This was because i wrote a suicide note to throw my family off my trail. Anyways i pleaded saying its my life to do as i want but they didnt give me a choice and for once i finally broke and they took me. Let me tell you that place was horrible. It was like prison where the nurses are the bad inmates. They didnt give a **** about what you wanted or needed and left many people in fear of speaking up. They made people pop pills until they were zombies. Eventually i got to be a nuisance to them because i stuck up for people who wouldnt speak for themselves and the days came where they would shoot me up with needles day after day to sedate me to a controllable state. They put me on involuntary check in so i had to take pills which i never swallowed just pretended to and spit them out later. After awhile i decided i was going to break out because i refused to have a family meeting which was mandatory if you wanted to be let loose. 2 days before my planned breakout i got called into the office in which they would tell me im being set free. Eventually i get my stuff finally and take a bus to a city around 30-50 miles away and enter a place called THE REAL WORLD. I was now offically alone. No one there that i knew. Nobody that gave 2 ***** about me. It was a small city and not a good one at that. I lived around the streets day by day just trying to get by. Alot of days i was run down from the constant moving around from here to there. People were always angry and didnt have anything to smile about. I had food in my stomach, clothes on my back, and a homeless shelter to sleep in overnight. It wasnt the best as you had to get up at 4am every morning and at the earliest youd get to sleep at 11pm NO LIE. So thats about 5 hours a day you get to rest on it really runs you down. No one would give me a job and alot of bad ideas started popping into my head. Like robbing people or selling drugs. The streets dont cut you a break. So eventually i get hold of that girl i did this all for i was going to get her and push harder make us have a good life together. She left me. Alone with nothing. Here i was with absoloutly nothing not even the love of my life anymore to keep me pushing. She was everything to me. I got jumped a few times while living the streets. Almost got stabbed in the head by a pair of plyers. Almost got robbed or worse. Not to mention this was all during winter so it was cold as an iceburg. I didnt know where to go...i literally had NOTHING. The girl i loved so much and would have given 2 worlds for because 1 just wouldnt be enough for someone as amazing as her had just left me. I was sad. That was a weakness alot of people could spot out in the streets and prey on it. I did make some trustworthy friends as far as they told me anyways. I had one friend who was raped. After months of living like this i made my way back home to get my ID so i could pursue more opportunities than i was given. Eventually i went from home to home until i ended up back where i stay today. Things arent different but you live and learn and i got 1 more in me before im done with life. Theres just so many people out there like me that i want to find and be with to let them know there not different there just part of a different crowd MY crowd. I want to find them and save them so we can live this life free together. My journeys not over. I dont care if your gay/straight, white/black, boy/girl, dumb/smart, funny/mean your still a person and you still got something to say and theres a place where you are wanted. I just want you all to know my journeys not over yet so dont give up on yours yet either. I appreciate having a place like this guys so be free and dont let anything hold you back. Be sure to ask me anything. With God and love. Piece.
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This story really inspires me. You're so incredible I have total respect for you man. I've been thinking a lot lately about running away for more reasons than one. I have a lot more thinking to do now that's for sure because I know if I leave I'll be all alone which terrifies me. That's a major reason that's holding me back. I would want to run away with someone but its not very often you come across someone who is willing to leave home with you. I wish you the best man this story really inspires me.

I'm basically 14 & I'm seriously considering running away to a different state or to the city. The only thing keeping my alive right now is music, I know that sounds retarded but it's true. I'm so attached to music it's crazy. The reason as to why I'm running away is because I'm abused constantly by my parents, & my 2 other brothers are doing just fine. Everyone is fine with out me. I want freedom. I've never had that... ever. Basically though, if I get caught, im 100% going to be sent to my country and that's a very bad thing because they don't have child rights there and my family will beat the living crap out of me. My only problem right now is money, food, I cant get a job. I'm only 14 & I don't even know where to go. Advise? Anyone?

Hope u get out soon at least u tried (:

Would you think me stupid to run away and street fight as a teen.

I don't want to sound trite because surely the other 55 responses already sing your praises, Captain. But I bow to you.

I feel I can really relate. Good luck.

I've been planning on running away with my girlfriend for a while, and this story has made me realize I need to become more statistical and learn how to attack the plan. Thank you for this man.

God bless its rough out there but once you get the hang of it youll be able to make it keep her close and dont let anything happen to her

I was planning on running away tomorrow morning from my home but this story got me to realize that I need to be stronger and stay home and in time I can get out and away from my family, thank you

God Bless and stay strong sometimes it takes more strength to stay then go either way I know you can pull through

So this chica just left you. Wow she's an idiot, but dude you got my respect

Thank you man

Yeah, that's romance, especially for kids our age. You can "love" someone so long as it's convenient for you, then when you've had YOUR fill, just press a button & ignore them in perpetuity. We've become as disposable to each other as tissue paper.

Man!!! you earned my respect the stuff you went though is the stuff im going though now it tough being that guy/girl out there on the streets hope things are going well for you because you just lit a fire under my arse ( inspired me ) thanks mate best wishes

Wow man best to you to keep pushing its far from over living out there isnt easy but im sure youve seen you can make the best of it and take alot from it

im a teen runaway too, except my love kept me. I have so much respect for you

Wow really? Thats so freakin beautiful inflates my heart tell me some about it? And whats happening with you?

This is absoloutly heart melting please write this as a story I think more people should be able to read this than for this to be just confined in here.

yeah, I hated life at home with my parents. I was being sent to my home country for an arranged marriage, but I fell in love with my soul mate..he really is. I feel like i've seen him when i was young in my dreams not even kidding. So the night my parenst found out about him, it was because they found a letter he wrote to me. In the letter it said how much he loves me, and that i was his angel, and he would marry me one day. They....were...mad. I told them I would not stop talking to him and that i loved him sooo much, and they pretty much beat me near death in the basement on concrete ground. Im a strong girl, got up, picked up a few things, jacket, bag, cell phone, cell phon charger, and I ran out the door! I ran to a neighborhood about 1km down so fast...sooo fast. I snuck into a house that was in construction through the open basement window (very small but i fit). I went upsatirs, looked around the empty house, it was very scary. I was crying the whole time. Found an electric plug, and charged my phone. Then i called him and he picked me up with his parents and took me cities away to where he lived <3 We moved in together in a small apartment. He wokrs, i work, we study, and his parents help as much as they can. Now its going on two years we've been together and we each wear a gold ring on our marriage fingers :') I miss my parents so much this day its not even funny, Ive done a lot of soul bandaging on this site, with the help from one of my good friends on here. He is a saint. I went back home twice, leaving my love. I was scared that one day he would leave me, but we are inseperable, and we have proved it to everybody. I will love him to the end of my days, hes my life.

When i ran back home the first time, my parents picked me up at around 11:00 at night. Once i got in their car, I regretted it. I began to cry, and i mean cry, and scream, and couldnt really breathe. So they called an was so bad.. I told the ambulance please take me away, take back to him, pleaseee, just sobbing, begging for help, but they sent me with my parents. My parents locked the doors, and i was banging the door on the inside to get out and banging the windows to tell the ambulance to not let them take me... so i go home and fal asleep crying. Next morning i get my brothers phone and make a call to him that i was so sorry. Brother finds out and beats me. I call the cops but the phone uncharges so my brother takes the phone and hits me in the head with it, and my brother is five times my size...hes huge. I run out of the house screaming for help, a neighbor takes me in but she wouldnt let me use her phone. THANKGOD, THE POLICE SHOWS UP and im thinking THERE IS A GOD!!!!! the police traced my one second call. They took me, and dropped me off where my love picked me up. I went to the hospital because I had a concussion, a bleeding lip, and numerous bruises. I pressed charges but I regret it now...I really love my family no matter what

Second time i went back was again, missing my parents....a lot....i felt like the rope used for tug of war... so i went back and stayed 5 days this time...but i left back to him because like i said...inseperable...

im sorry it was so long...but you asked my friend :) lol!

You should join this group and post this as a story really this is amazing. I love how his love is the bandaid to all your wounds. It's things like this that make me believe that true love really does exsist.

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I am in awe. You are so brave and strong. You will be in my prayers.

God bless i appreciate it we all need prayers

Your very brave.I hope you'll always be safe where ever you are

Thank you God bless

As sad as your story is, your strength and determination is just beautiful. Im really sorry all the nasty **** happened to you, you clearly do not deserve it. I hope life only continues to get better and better for you :)

God bless thank you it wasnt all the worst it can only get better and i plan to make it so thanks so much

Damn I wish I had your courage..

You do i read your story miss and dont for a second think you dont youve already made it through so much ALOT more than me and alot more than anyone should ever have to go through you have the power baby and dont let no one tell you that you dont

Aww you made me tear up!!! Thank you!!

The problem is I think I'm the one telling my self that I don't have it..

I think your 100% right

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I don't cry. Full stop. Yet why am I crying now?!?!?!?! After reading this?!?!?!?! Because it was so helpful and moving and sad and... You get the idea. Just remember I haven't cried in about 2 and a half years and that was from the pain of an appendicitis!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Awwww i hope it helps and inspires you it puts a smile on my face knowing it could help someone get through anything

Awesome, it took bravery to share that and bravery to live it. I wish you the best of
luck now and in the future. SeanPat

God bless i dont know what the future holds but i plan on finding out

I used to run away from foster homes that were bad.

Really? You should join this group and post about it id like to hear


The reason you ran away the first time is the reason I want to run away. And be free to be myself and live the life god made for me.

So I gotta ask. What's stopping you?

This story...just wow. You have the courage to do what most people don't. I live the same lifestyle as you (well except I do get beat) and I have yet to leave it behind and start over. I found the one I love and I've begged for them to run off to California with me, they said no. I think it's because they are scared. I'm only scared of being alone. Anyways long story short, this set fuel to my fire. Ive longged to live free and this made me realize no matter what happens. Anything is better than here, as long as its my fault and my responsibilities and I'm not being controlled by my abusive "family". Further more thanks for letting all of us know there are people that wont stand by and take the hardships of this thing we call 'life'.

Man there aint **** in this world you cant do if you honestly believe you can i know you prolly hear that from everyone but you truly gotta believe it in your heart lemme hear from you best of luck you alot stronger than you think

I feel the exact same way you do . I'm tired of my abusive relations who mean nothing to me . I'm jut waiting for the day to get enough courage to run off as well . Best of luck to you

Every day is the day. I hear so many people say if they could just leave it all behind they would. Then the day came when i asked "Whats stoppin me?" I really hope that day comes for you miss. There truly isn't nothing in this world you can't achieve. And LOL im not saying that as a freakin webster quote or a parent (im 19 haha) or something it's just something i truly believe in my heart. Best of luck to you and i hope i hear back.

Wow, what a story. Thanks so much for sharing it. I hope you find the happiness and love you are looking for.