A Questionable Thing Life Is...

Its scary. Life, that is. Life can bring us so much hurt and pain and sadness. Then all of a sudden it gives us a shed of happiness and forgiveness. Hope. 
   I've seen that hope can come from the strangest of places.  Sometimes though hope can come from places that can seem so wrong. 
   I dream of running away. I feel like it'll put me on the path, like my guardian angel has been leading me too it. This is my hope. There's a better life for me out there, but it's selfish of me to want it. 
  I can't leave my siblings behind to Suffer with the abuse of my mother. I can't Leave and let my father drink himself to death.  
  I want to go so badly but I'd feel so selfish doing so, and I'm not going to let myself  turn to my moms selfish ways. Only thing is I'm doing what my  father did to himself, I'm procrastinating putting myself on the right path to please others. I don't wanna end up like my father where I am off my path so long it leaves me behind.  It seems like either way I'll end up like one of my parents. 
   Is that little monster inside of us destined to be passed all down the line? If so I don't agree. I need to break this chain! I just need help doing so. 

I never understood why the world is so hard on the ones still learning from it ...
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1 Response Jan 14, 2013

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