Fucc3d Up Runaway

ok so here iz mi story........

i was 12 or 13 when i ran away & it all stated when one of mi sisters friends & i started talking he was 17......but he made me laugh so much & made me happi but when we got 2gether nobody liked it...it was just mi dad,me & mi 2 sisters at da time mi mom had left us...so dey would do anything they can 2 stop us talking & trying 2 c each other.....so den one day after we went 2 6flags wit da family i toke a shower & went 2 sleep till 12:00 am & mi alarm went off...we both had planed for this so den i got up & kissed both of mi sisters heads & walked out da house....i met him at a high skool not 2 far 4rm mi house....& 1 of his homebois was goin 2 picc us up 4rm wat he said...bt he never did so at 4:00am we saw cops looking for me so we ran in2 da woods nd slept der for a very long time...we had sex in da woods & den fell alseep again got up later on & went lookin for food...we had no money,no car & nada bt da clothes we had on our baccs........we walked for ever & ever till it got dark out side..we got 2 one of his homebois house & asked 2 take da car bt he couldnt give it 2 us.....we talked for a lil & den we found out dat mi parents had went 2 his house looking for us....so we ran away from der & fell asleep in da woods again i couldnt b da hard sleeper dat i always was like i woke up 2 every lil sound...we were gone for 3days now got a lil money nd got food,water....we went bacc 2 da woods where we lived....we were starting 2 make a house der....dat nite i woke up out of no where crying & crying saying i couldnt do it anymore dat i wnted something better....bt da next morning we wlked around & his sis & bro saw us & called da cops so we ran & ran bt dey got us...dey called mi parents & dey picced me up da cops toke him 2 jail....mi mom,step-dad,mi dad,mi step-mom,step-sis,both sisters & bro n law was der at da hospital wit me all nite....& when mi dad told mi sister dat dey had me she started crying & wnted 2 hear mi voice...when i got out da car i was wit mi dad,step-mom,step-sis....i got out & mi sis & i ran up 2 each other like da way u wld c it in da movies when u havent cin any1 in a long time & we jst started crying soooooooo much dat we was jst der in da middle of da road...da cars had 2 go around us...i looked like a hobo bad nd smelled rly bad.....bt den i thought i was prego cuz we had alot of sex bt it turned out dat i was not i was kinda happi bt not rly...when i got home i slept 4 4days not waking up 4 anything i didnt eat,drink,go 2 da bathroom or nada i was out cold....i woke up on da 5th day & 4got abt everything dat happen....i later found out dat mi parents went all da way to corpus to find me..& tlked 2 any1....& didnt sleep 4 anythin....dey told me wat dey found out dat he didnt rly love me,he ranaway wit 6 other gurls b4 & how he always does dat says lies & does w/e he cn 2 get wat he wnts or who he wnts.....i lost mi cell,bein able 2 go out, dey piccd me up 4rm skool when i went bacc & i cldnt chill wit any1....later on i found out dat he was playing me wit 3 other gurls & dat he had 2 baby mamaz & 3 kids.......i cldnt stand 2 hear anymore.....bt wat i cld tell was mi dad was very hurt dat he cldnt help me,or save me.....c hes in da air force so hez 1 of dem guys dat r very protective abt everythin & it hurt him alot dat i was not under hiz wing anymore & ever sience den i still havent been....i do wat i wnt now & i still dnt have his trust.......

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2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

well i think that u was very brave to face yo parents an i wud be scard to face da cops but as long as ur ok dats all da matter

So, you are an independant girl who can make your own decisions. still you are your daddy's girl, whether you like it or not and he still cares a lot for you. only because of him you are safe. at least live up to his trust.<br />
best of luck!