I Was a Teenage Beauty Queen

I was an exchange student to Japan when I was 16, and went to a high school outside of Nagoya for awhile (later I moved to a new host family just outside of Tokyo). The high school was named after the town it was in, Miyoshi, and I was the only foreigner for many miles around and probably one of the first that most of the kids had ever seen in person. So, I enjoyed a celebrity status at the school which was very strange, as I was not prepared for it (I have long stories of how bizarre it was to be "famous"). Anyway, they have a big school festival every year where kids perform skits or show off hobbies and take part in athletic competitions, but one of the big highlights of the festival is the election of a school king and queen; something along the lines of the high school prom queen and king here.

I didn’t even know I was in the running, in fact I didn’t even know there was a contest until I had won and they were crowning me Mr. Miyoshi. I think I even have a picture somewhere of me with the Mr. Miyoshi sash on. I should find that, it would be funny to share.

So, I actually totally forgot about that until many years later in college when I started going out with this girl about six months after I had met her at a party. She had a boyfriend when I first met her, so I didn't even ask for her number even though we were getting along very well. She even offered it, but I turned it down. I mean, if you find someone totally cool and attractive but they are already with someone, it is dishonest to try and just be friends with them because you know that deep down you are really just hoping that they'll break up someday (you might even try to help on some level to make that happen, even if it is just unconsciously) so that you'll be there for them to finally fall into your arms. Bleah! How cliche! That's not for me. If I'm going to be evil, I'd prefer to do it in more creative ways :)

Anyway, so about six months after we met I get a phone call out of the blue from this girl inviting me to a sorority dance. I was like, "Don't you have a boyfriend?" and she replied, "No, we broke up". Then I was like, "Okay... hey, how did you get my number?", and she replied, "It wasn't easy...". See, we didn't have any mutual friends, in fact the party we met at was a recruitment event for a fraternity I never joined. But somehow she managed to call someone, who knew someone else who happened to know someone that still had my number. Wow, I was impressed and more than just a little bit flattered! So I agreed to go, and we started dating after that. Then she surprised me again.

After we had gone out a few times, she finally broke it to me that she was the Ms. Chinese San Diego. The news came as a shock to me, not because she wasn't beauty queen material (which she was), but because I suddenly felt intimidated to be with her. You know, I was young and still coming to terms with myself, so I had plenty of self doubts to make me wonder why she would want to go out with a normal peasant like me. I quickly realized that feeling that way was not going to help in the relationship, and given that she was the best kisser I had ever met, I had to find a way to get over that. Then I remembered! Hey, I’ve won a beauty contest too!!! Granted the chips were stacked in my favor given I was the tallest, strongest, whitest and most exotic guy at my school back in Japan, but who cares? I had been crowned Mr. Miyoshi which meant that I was also royalty and therefore perfect dating material for Ms. Chinese San Diego. Things went well after that :)
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Haha I love your story. I'd like to think that even if you hadn't been crowned Mr Miyoshi, she'd have still loved u for who you were!!! =)

Aw, that's such a cute story...I'm glad it turned out so well for you. ~M~