I Was Only Seventeen....

Okay i was born on Febuary 9th, 1976, I was bareky seventeen (the date febuary 13th, 1993) and partying and ready to break away from my parents, There was alcohol at the party and i was drinking and so me and my boyfriend of that time Thomas had Sex, So I found our i was pregnant in April when i had started to show. Then Eventually on November 8th, 1993 My baby girl Jessica was born. My parents had kicked me out and i had to get my own place and live off wellfare for a while, Now i had to get job and work had and do all of that. So when i was nineteen one day Jessica was with my mom, Me and Thomas were mellow and we had Sex again and now me and him had a son in August, His name Nicholas. I had two beautiful Blond children. Then three years later at twenty-two in June i had a son whom i named Danny. Now they are 18, 15 and 12 and i have three beautiful blonde children. And now i'm a single mother divorcing Thomas and im doing the spanking towards Nick because he's rebellios at the moment and i'm the father of the family and life is really hard.
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How about the other two? You seem to be a good mom and Nick will grow up and be a good person. You seem to have done all the right things. Be well. Stand strong.

Well Jessica who is turning out to be a beautiful young women is turning eighteen soon so she's looking in college and is busy all the time, Now Danny is a bit over sensitive. His brother will pick on him and tease him abit and then he'll start screaming and a crying so i have to scream at Nick to knock it off.