Does Anyone Ever Get Sick Of Having To Explain Yourself?

I was 14 when I birthed my son, now I am a 30 year old hairstylist and every time someone sits in my chair and asks if I have any kids I do the normal mom thing and boast about how awesome my honor roll football player son is.

When they ask how old he is, people quickly do the math and figure i had to be a teeenage mom to have a 16 year
old son.

Its something I experience almost daily and am so tired of the "you aren't old enough to have a 16 year old" or "wow you must have been young". Just that akward feeling I can sense.

I have worked just as hard, if not harder than most mothers and have raised a fine young man. The life I have provided my son is exceptional for anyones standards, let alone being so young and doing it.

I feel like at this point i have gone thru 16 years of funny looks. im kinda over it.
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2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

Oh, I totally deflect and joke about my age all the time, or remain ambiguious. I just wanted to vent more than anything. I don't know anyone who was as young parent as me and figured on this forum people may relate. I feel like a regular mom when talking about parenting stuff with other parents, just there is always that skeleton of my age that I rarely share. Only a handful of my closest friends know my story. I live in a large city, so that small town gossip has never been an issue.

I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but just from reading your post, it sounds like, in reality, you actually enjoy hearing folks say, "Oh, but you don't look old enough to have a . . ." First of all, if you live in a small town, everyone already knows you and your son. They sure as shooting wouldn't be asking you this question while they're getting their hair done. They already know! However, if you don't, then when someone asks if you have children, you can easily circumvent the whole, "Oh, but you look so young" comments by simply saying, "Yes. I have a son. Children are a handful, aren't they? How about you? Do you have children?" You can VERY easily turn it around to your customer and keep the conversation on them. Most folks in a salon are more than ready to bend the hair stylist's ear on their problems and issues. You just have to learn that's where you keep their focus. You could also tease that you're actually 50, you just look young. You don't owe anyone an explanation! You could do so many things creatively . . . if you were well and truly and ACTUALLY tired of this.