I Loved the 80's

If you were really a teen in the 80's here are a few things you will remember.  Most of them I loved!!!

  1. Big Hair (Do you know what wings and waves are?)
  2. Aqua Net (The real stuff, not what they sell today.)
  3. Tapered jeans (Had to be turned wrong side out to be pulled off over ankles)
  4. Shoulder pads (Big ones)
  5. Skin tight jeans (Used wire hanger to zip them up.)
  6. Parachute pants (also skin tight)
  7. Jordache Jeans (nuff said)
  8. Valley girls (like totally)
  9. Izod shirts (layered and multicolored)
  10. Keds with slouch socks (always white)

So, did this jog any fond memories?  Okay, maybe some not so fond ones too.

Reality4Me Reality4Me
36-40, F
3 Responses Feb 22, 2009

Yes and I miss most of it. I had a thing for seeing the slouch socks and Keds like you wouldnt believe!! Id love for at least that part of that era fashion to come back.

I think I still have the wings and waves. It will come back things always do, eventually.

haha, i forgot about the shoulder pads, they were awful~! ..you forgot spandex and leather jackets with the fringes!