It Ain't No Fun No More!

I joined Answebag in April after leaving Yahoo Answers in disgust. Imagine my delight in finding a website that challenged me intellectually, as well as providing some really good wacky fun. In less than six months, about the time management changed, the quality declined dramatically. I can't definitively say it's due to management, but I do know we were overrun by trolls, abusive personal attacks and a lot of ugliness not fit for print. I've met a lot of very nice people on AB and I sorely wish all the good ones could migrate to EP like us.
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2 Responses Sep 13, 2012

Same here!!!!

I'm happy you came over to EP. If people bother you here, block them. If they post inappropriate question in non adult areas, report them. With good citizen policing, we can keep EP a nice place for all of us.

I have requested a few things for the QnA section but haven't heard back from EP. Things like the ability to filter accounts instead of just block them form contacting us. Such as questions from minors if we so decide. I would also like the ability to vote down questions such as other forums do so the bad ones just sink to the bottom and people will get an idea of what the community finds acceptable without having to have their questions flagged or removed.