Never Thought It Would Happen To Me

I was attacked in my own home last week...pepper sprayed and cut with a knife. I can't believe it happened..seems like it was a movie or a show. I feel like it was my own fault because it was very late and dark outside. I was in my kitchen cooking, and when it's dark I NEVER leave my back door open. My cat was meowing so loud to go out on the back my kitchen, so I let her out. I never had a single thought that someone would be at my back door. I'm still terrified and can't openmy back door even during the day time....I need to talk to other people who have been victims of crimes with weapons. I don't know how to think, I'm confused, nothing seems realistic..I feel I'm in another world. I want these feelings to stop, and I thought by chatting with other people who have been through a similar situation, I will become strong to deal with this traumatic situation. can anyone try to help me? Please???
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1 Response May 19, 2012

never thought it would happen to me