Woman Tasered And Died But Later Revived.

While I was not the one to be brutalized, I have been asked to share her story as she cannot due to pending court action.

Here is a link to the brutality: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4g7cxc9P4Hg&lc=7CP9BW4UXK-JnS08NbO8b8iwBYouN2B5YO7MLvSGyO0&lch=email&feature=em-comment_received

This woman was totally compliant up until the point where this stop becomes unlawful. She begins to question why the police are detaining her, but she does not receive a lawful answer. She attempts to flee as they try to unlawfully seize her purse.

She is then TASERED for 27 consecutive seconds (TASERS only do 6 seconds by default unless the button is held). As she is being TASERED they are telling her to stop moving even though she has lost control of her muscles.

This is when she goes unconscious and her heart stops. She is then revived later.

Please watch and share with as many people as possible. This needs to be brought to light.
zerokill2006 zerokill2006
26-30, M
Dec 8, 2012