Hello, my name is Diane and I am a junior at Rutgers. After the recent news concerning Mike Brown/Ferguson and police brutality, and reading about the protests occurring in NJ, I would like to share my story/ in the hopes of spreading awareness and exposing my personal unfortunate encounter with the corrupt NJ Newark Police dept and prosecutors. I'd also appreciate any advise, help-- as my incident is currently debilitating and I feel alone and abused.

I'm a 20 year old innocent 5'2 half Hispanic girl from the suburbs. I came to Newark on June 7, 2014 with three friends for the annual Portuguese festival (Chopfest) right outside Newark Penn station. Unfortunately, I was at the wrong place at the wrong time, because when I was on my way home I encountered a corrupt, disgusting police officer that ruined my life forever. I became a victim first hand of Newark Transit police brutality and misconduct.

With recent rallies and protests, I'm trying to publicly aim for a discrimination case against a NJ Transit police officer Antonia/o because out of the three friends I was with outside, he singled me out, not holding himself to the higher standard that a police officer is supposed to. He was abusive and cursing at me from the beginning, because I spit on the sidewalk. We were on our way home, about to walk to the train at Penn Station. At no time was a discourteous nor posed a threat to the officer. He enticed me because I spit on the sidewalk. He wound up writing me four tickets for spitting on the sidewalk. I accepted the first three tickets, planning to pay the fine for spitting, until I refused to accept the last ticket because I knew he was corrupt and it was unreasonable. He told me that if I did not accept that last ticket, he would arrest me and hold me in jail. I never knew it was illegal to spit on the sidewalk, or that it was illegal to deny a ticket. I was never denying that I spit on the sidewalk, and when he asked for my licence and student ID, I obeyed. Being a naive girl, I thought all cops were courteous and held to a higher standard. Boy, was I wrong.

This officer then aggressively arrested me when I refused to accept the fourth ticket, and refused to tell me what I was under arrest for. I became very nervous and scared and felt utterly defenseless against a large man and then larger sergeant came and both aggressively threw me against the wall to handcuff me and drag me in the cell. I literally thought I was dragged there to be beat up and very nervous. I am now charged with “causing bodily harm” to the officer by spitting and resisting arrest. In his charge report, he wrote that I encountered him and started several time spitting at him, which he “warned me” about. He is, however, a true witness to me being handcuffed and thrown against the brick wall. What police officer who is repeatedly spit at warns someone? If he stood by me writing four tickets, when was I spitting at him? I have three witnesses to this. I guess that is how a 5’2, 110 lb half white/ half Hispanic girl gets arrested/mistreated in the city of Newark for doing something absolutely non-criminal and innocent. I am completely disgusted because if that is how I got treated, imagine how actual civilians of Newark get treated, no matter how minimal the "crime?"

In my fear, I told him my father was a federal police officer, (which he is) and knew from the beginning what this officer portrayed was misconduct. Instead they mocked and expressed extreme sarcasm towards me.

I begged initially multiple times for a reason why I was arrested for and to make a phone call to my parents once detained.

This abusive and sadistic police officer (and believe me he is sadistic) heard me crying post my arrest and warned me to shut up. Due to my knowledge of my civil rights, I kept crying, being a NJ transit police station, and asked why I was arrested, and demanded to make a phone call. The racist cop showed his true colors and pepper sprayed me ALL OVER MY EYES AND BODY in the jail cell. I was in horrendous pain and discomfort for an hour before being "treated" for my pepper spray burns. The arresting officer mocked me, shackled both my feet, and somehow got amusement from my crying and pleeds for water. He came out with a mug of hot water and splashed that on my face. I cried more, before I passed out from the injuries and panic attack of being blinded. I entered the cell around 730pm and left the cell to be processed finally around 12. I never made it home that night. Nor was I ever immediately properly treated for my bruises, pepper spray wounds, and suffered in pain for a week.

Inside the police station, I was left alone handcuffed in the cell (with the supposed officer I just accused of assaulting laughing at me and cursing me off)
He had already slammed me against the wall, accused me of assault by causing bodily harm; yet after I was pepper sprayed and tortured, he had his body next to mine after I was fingerprinted and photographed hours after being in the cell when no one else was around? Aren't I supposed to be a criminal/felon if I was treated like one? This is the biggest mockery of cops. I can even tell you that you don’t leave a cop that thinks he has been assaulted in his own mind by the arrested alone all the time for hours.

After I calmed down and begged to go home, I was processed and detained further as if I was a criminal. The officer, as if to cover his own sake, abandoned me and sent me in an ambulance later to which he claimed was briefly to "treat my pepper spray wounds." To my terrible luck, I ended up in Newark University Hospital for hours all night in the emergency room all alone and clueless to what was going on/or why I was there. I felt as if my whole night was some sick horror movie where I was about to die or be further tortured. I had no phone or any contact with my parents. In the hospital, I was never treated for my pepper spray wounds, but instead further assaulted by the medical staff. They initially pricked my finger with a needle and I questioned why they were doing this to me. Later in the hospital, the staff forced a blood sample on my body without police officer present or a court order. I refused to have my blood drawn, but was forced to have it done without a clue or reason why. (I am drug free/disease free).

I never made it home until 10 AM the next morning, and had to have a good-Samaritan nurse drive me home to Marlboro. I was still in excruciating pain all over my body and suffer emotional and mental distress from this incident.

I once was an aspiring professional with a lot going for me, I now face serious false charges against me for "assaulting a police officer by using bodily injury" and resisting arrest charges that can potentially ruin my clean background and merit. Also, the charges contradict the original four tickets this corrupt police officer wrote to me solely for spitting on the sidewalk (which I never knew was illegal). I never was handed the four tickets either.

I'm extremely lost in this ordeal and currently have a lawyer, Montell Figgins, a former prosecuter of Newark. I just don't know how well my case is holding up and need advise immediately to take action against these corrupt officers, city, and police department.

My case is currently being investigated under Internal Affairs, but I doubt that'll do anything
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I am a small woman too and was falsely arrested and tortured , mocked, and cursed at for 35 hours. Since I was shot with a taser while totally strapped in a police restraint chair, my lawyer felt there was a strong civil rights case--I had photos. Due to a cover up, my lawyer dropped my case. I called a police detective (in that department) and asked him to tell me who was let into my cell to shoot me with electricity. He told me that he could not give me that information and a lawyer must contact him. I wish justice and healing for both of us. I have learned through research that sadist types often work at jails and are police officers in order to get away with the abuse and torture that turns them on. It really is unfortunate for us that we got the sadists. I'm not well and it has been eight months. I was forced to plead guilty when I was not. The threat was to release my identity and unflattering photos and video of me in jail to the media. You should not have been treated so cruelly being a young and naive woman. Your arresting officer and the person who pepper sprayed you should be prosecuted. I was naive like that too. I wish you good things and justice.

I am so sorry this happened to you. When I was mistreated by police my family also ridiculed me. I cant believe officers even falsify statements to the extent that they do. Now I know this and I want to do all I can to spread awareness and stop this misconduct. The thought that exercising rights can lead to this kind of repercussion is ridiculous. Even though it is not the victims fault I want people to know this. However, even if a person does everything the cop says you could still be horribly treated despite your best efforts. This issue is very much about blaming the victim for a lot of people I talk to. It is scary. I was scared when it happened and I'm still scared.

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Make sure to file a complaint with the internal affairs department of Newark police. It would probably help to have your friends (witnesses) sign it. You could also contact a city attorney (at Newark city hall) using the complaint.
Contact the Rutherford Institute (can get info online),
The statute of limitations is usually 3-5 years for police misconduct.
You can also file a case yourself (po se) aganist the police

(continued) As a student, you probably qualify to file lawsuit "in pauperous" meaning your filing fees would be waivered. There are some lawsuits you can find on the interent to get started. It would not hurt to mail your compaint with your complete accounting of incident to local TV news station, newspapers and other media outlets.
Please do not let this incident interfere with your life.

(continued) Lastly, do not, again, let this incident "ruin" your life. By filing a lawsuit you have proof if later the charges come up on any computer. This type of police misconduct is widespread.