Corona Ca Ongoing Police Brutality

Police Brutality in Quaint Corona

“The mission of the Corona Police Department is to enhance the quality of life in our city through excellence in policing,” this is a quote from Corona Police Department's website. I am writing this on the sole basis of informing Corona citizens of the brutality that is Corona Police Department.  I have had many of hostile dealings with Corona Police Department and there is no justification-I am for the most part a model citizen.  I am a mom of two and have lived in Corona the majority of my life.  From my experience, the Corona Police Department is comparable to a Gestapo organization-protecting by violence and intimidation.  Not all of Corona Police Department operates in this fashion I have had interactions with some officers that are compassionate and are there to serve the community but the majority do not fall in this category.

My brother was arrested on Friday morning, March 5, 2010.  He was booked by ten minutes to 5 am.  I am writing this article mainly because I have had enough of Corona Police Department exhibiting violent acts on possible assailants.  He was arrested for drunk in public.  As a side note-my brother has never been convicted of anything or has had any priors on his record.  When the police came to my parent’s home and asked to question my brother he had stepped outside to speak to an officer.  Instead of any communication being transpired the arrested him on the spot for being drunk in public outside of my parents home.  My brother, having his girlfriend there, went peaceably not wanting to upset her.  She then too had stepped outside and threatened they would arrest her as well for being drunk in public.  My brother begged officers to give his girlfriend a ride home because no girl should be walking in the dark by herself.  The officers retorted with, “She can walk!”  This I think is an outrage she is a small framed girl and has no business walking around in the dark at that hour.  As we all know that is a definite safety issue---women are not even safe to jog in parks by themselves in daytime hours; much less after dark.  This is evident with the murder of Chelsea King.  “The Corona Police Department values its community partnerships to protect lives, property and quality of life within our neighborhoods,” this quote coming straight from Corona Police Department’s website.  The officers were not concerned with protecting my brother’s girlfriend’s life at all.  They were, in fact, very callused in their treatment of that young girl.

My brother was cuffed hands behind is back in a cell.  He wears a little rubber bracelet-it is black and he had not taken it off in seven years.  It meant a lot to him to keep it on.  It was not hurting anything and he was to be released within four to six hours.  In another quote from the CPD website it states the conduct that officers are to be held to; “Our members pride themselves in being the model for law enforcement with vision, while performing with integrity and professionalism.”  Officer Cook exhibited gross negligence and violence toward my brother. Again, my brother had been cuffed-hands behind his back-Officer Cook demanded my brother take off his bracelet!  My brother turned his head over his shoulder and had asked if he could speak to the sergeant on duty.  Officer Cook followed the question with his Billy club whacking my brother several times to his head.  My brother was left in the cell for hours with blood pouring down his face and cuffed.  Mind you my brother was not resisting arrest-he was already arrested!  He was already booked!  Is this the “integrity and professionalism” CPD demands from their officers?  Who else has Officer Cook and other officers like him brutalized?  I have had enough of the CPD officers that are no more than thugs with badges.  CPD officers, some of them, feel that it is ok to threaten, intimidate and even use physical violence for no apparent reason because they have a badge and feel protected.

I arrived at CPD station at 9:30 am, March 5, 2010.  This would have been four and a half hours after he had been booked according to the officer I had spoken with at the front.  She informed me that no one had checked on my brother and was unable to tell me if he would or would be released.  I was in the parking lot with three small children and my sister for around 2 hours.  Still no one had released my brother or came to speak to me.  Finally, with children antsy in the back I made my way to the door once more.  I was informed that Lt.  Weeks was on his way to come and talk to me.  Lt.  Weeks informed me that my brother had a small bump on his head and was unaware how he got it.  He then told me that I could pick him up at Corona Regional because two female officers had just took him to the hospital.  Lt.  Weeks was the watch guard on duty that morning.  I rushed to Corona Regional.  I then requested to speak to one of the officers who had custody of my brother.  The women were extremely sincere-very helpful.  These two ladies are definitely the exception of Corona Police Department.  My brother was then released to me after about 45 minutes or so.  

He had far more than a bump; he had two lacerations on his forehead, also his shoulder was badly scraped.  He looked as if he had been beaten!  I turned to the ladies and asked’ “what happened to my little brother!”  They informed me that they were not on duty when this took place and they had no idea, however, they were sorry.  It is apparent my brother needed medical attention.  He had several intense blows to the head.  However, no X-ray or MRI was done.  Basically, doctors at Corona Regional Cleaned him up!  Is this what is expected from our police department that is supposed to be protecting and serving our community!   This is an Outrage!  We as citizens need to make CPD be accountable for their actions!  I know this not the first time Officer Cook has done something like this.  This man should be fired!  He has no right wearing that badge!  He is a common thug that now has the permission to abuse anyone he wants because of the title “officer”!  As far as Lt. Weeks-it was far more than a bump.  Why wasn’t my brother scene by a medical doctor prior than 20 min before the maximum time he was supposed to stay?  This is an outrage we as citizens need to make our police officers accountable for their actions.  A slight wrist slapping is not adequate for Officer Cook-he needs to be ******** of his position and badge! Furthermore, this was all caught on tape in the cell!  Or has the tape disappeared to cover Officer Cook’s actions?  Corona Police Department’s officer Cook and other officers like him need to be accountable for their actions and removed from the department.  Police brutality should not be accepted as a procedure or a natural course of action!  No one is safe if this is the conduct of people in positions that are supposed to be protecting the community’s citizens.


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