Life Changes Allowed Me To Give In To Over Eating

I moved to Florida and I missed New York. It is a big life change. I worked for 23 years and now I'm retired. My husband was tired of being alone. We are married 50 years and enjoy going out to eat and socializing. As a result of two hip operations and getting used to just enjoying myself when eating out. I stopped worrying about my weight and slowly gained weight. Now I don't want to keep on allowing myself to eat all the food I love. I have to eat less so I can enjoy clothes and now be self concious over my weight. Lovely clothes are always medium and not large. I will be thinner again but I have to start now. I must not keep on giving in. My husband is 35 lighter then me he can eat everything so I must cook differently for him. He must watch his sugar, so I must keep him healthy buy not over cooking junk food. I can't lose over night, I must watch on day at a time. I write everything down and even the wrong things.The next day I TRY to not repeat my same errors, my cheats, my binges. Binges are the worse offense against the body. To much of anything is harmful to the mind and body. I must practice moderation. Not starvation. Everything is ok in moderation. I'm doing better these days, walking everyday and always putting on make up and dressing up. It makes me feel better. I look at the girl in the mirror and she is happy with her makeup on and others look at her and respect the nicer look. I enjoy gardening, people to talk to, reading good books, and putting myself together so I look well. Even a heavier version of myself and look good. I feel I am pretty even at 71 years old, I will only look better with a little weight off. Small goals, I just want to lose 5 lbs before Christmans. I welcome chit chat on line. Sincerely Connie
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Dec 1, 2012