Sorrows Victim

I have had this experience in the to do bucket for some time .

I have been a little frightened of revisiting some of the bad things I have seen....
Not long ago someone close to me told me of an unfortunate circumstance surrounding his friend ,
and since then I cannot get this experience out of my mind and so I will post it


I was 17 and I worked in a mechanics shop , across the street , was another establishment
that fixed autos ... the shop was built on what looked almost like a cement hill pull
in the car , the person needed to drive up into the garage and to get out you backed out down
this hill the short time I was there , I had seen so many accidents because of this ...


This one day I was in the lobby ... looking out of the picture window that looked directly onto
this hillside shop across the street ..... there was this old cadillac backing out rolling down
this cement hill ....there was a mother holding her toddler talking to a mechanic on the side


I will never forget what I saw .. it plays almost in slow motion in my mind ..though mercilessly


She put her toddler down ..the baby started to walk across and the cadillac hit and ran over the
child ....



I remember screaming and running across the street , by the time I had got there the mother
had reached her son first pulled him from beneath the car , she shook him ..screamed his name
and prayed to god all at the same time....


The cops and paramedics were called , I remember they had to struggle with the mother to get
the child away from her grasp ....I did not look at the child , but I heard someone say that
the little boys head was crushed ..I couldnt and wouldnt look


But what I remember the most was the mothers face ...she seemed to age right in front of me ...sorrow
seems such as small word to described what she looked like ... tears streaming down her face
mouth open screaming and wailing ...


I dont know but I found myself next to her and just grabbed her shoulder
I dont know why , maybe I wanted to give her what paltry comfort I could. But  what could I have said
or do that could even remotely touch the sorrow and grief of losing a child in front of your
own eyes.....


I will not be so self centered and moan about the tears that ran down my own face and just how depressed
I felt when I walked away and walked back across the street , after they put that little body
in the back of the ambulence and took the shocked zombified mother into another ....


But I will say that I can never forget that little boy that didnt have a chance to live , that mother
thats life was never the same again ...


I may have been a witness to pure sorrow that day ....but that poor mother was the victim of it

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6 Responses Feb 15, 2010

How shocking and disturbing for you to have witnessed that tragedy. Such dreadful things happen and you showed your humanity which is all anyone could have done. If it's any consolation, that little child's suffering has finished. It's the ones who are left behind that are hurting.

yes it has thank you soozle .. thank you very much ... *hugs*

I'm so sorry Kitti. I can imagine no worse thing to be a witness to. I hope sharing it here has in some small way helped....

*runs to MM and hugs you tightly...* thank you wolf for commenting

So sad!! Its impossible to help the mother in way at that point because the loss is huge!! Its good that you managed to do something....But no words could have consoled her...Only time can heal atleast partly such wounds

Thanks ATSF... This was a hard one to write but thanks for comments