My Father The Monster

My father used to be such a great man that was untill 5 years ago when we got him an xbox 360. He became hooked on online games and started ignoring us he plays them everyday he was a trucker so he got a laptop so he could feed his sick addiction to talk to complete strangers. I tried to become interested in the game he likes so much but even that didn't work. He's mental he snaps at the littlest things. He needs help I've caught him watching **** and so has my mom. And today after not hearing from him In three weeks I finally got a hold of him turns out he went to new Brunswick and no longer has a job and is going to look for work there I live in Calgary he said he doesn't know when he coming back or if he ever is. We already struggle to pay the rent and bills as is. Thanks alot dad I'm your only child and you abandon me for your mother and some ***** you met over the Internet? I'm only 13 and my father is destroying my life. We were evicted out of our last house because we could pay the rent thanks to him and forced to move into a cheap 2 bedroom apartment.
Benihime Benihime
1 Response Jul 29, 2010

I can understand to some point. I don't know how good a Dad mine was before (I know he was better to my brothers than me) we got a computer but as soon as we got it we lost him. He bought it for all of us so we could do homework and instead he spent all his time at home on the computer not saying a word to us unless it was to shout. He moved out in 2005 and left my to fend for herself and three children without paying child benefit. We just struggled through it. When I was younger I didn't understand but now I do and the neglect is something I can't forgive him for (amongst other things).