What An Experience.

I meet my father on my 21st b-day. Growing up i didnt know what my father looked like, where he was. I knew nothing. Whenever I asked my mother she would just say, your father was not a good man to women and i couldn't have you around that. So when i turned 21 i needed to know who he was at least just see him. My mother finally gave me his some info she knew, like where he lived, what company he use to work for etc. Well I found him, he was so exicted and wanted me to fly out to meet him asap. When i stepped off of the plane he was there, with 3 of his kids and wife. The first thing he said is you are not what i expected. As i looked at his other kids and wife, they were Spanish. I said how am i not what you expected my mother is white and your black?? He said I was not in shape (i am not fat just have curves) unlike his wife which is a stick. The whole 3 days I stayed there he didnt talk to me alone, he said he didnt want to make his wife (which he was with when my mother was pregant with me) feel unconformable. He said she was jealous of me. So i respect that and didnt talk to him alone the whole time. Long story short i havent heard anything from him since i been back. He made up some excuse saying I had tattoo and i wasn't his "type" of daughter. He has 9 kids, and knows 3. His 3 kids i meet didnt know anything about me or their other siblings. Its hurts me more now that i i meet him and now he doesn't want anything to do with me. My whole life i blamed my mother for all of my father mistakes. I wish i can take back a lot that i said to mother, because now i know that he was a "man *****" that makes kids and forgets about them.
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That sounds like what it'll be like when I meet my father. I already know he has 7 other children besides me, of whom I have not met, more than that from what one of his children who he talks to has told me through facebook. If it wasn't for me finding her this year, I wouldn't know anything about him still. I was supposed to meet him years ago, as you already know, Man ****** don't keep their promises. I can strongly relate to you.<br />
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This shouldn't be our stories, we should have happy ones. But I guess they're too good to give us that.