He Abandoned Us By Abusing Us

My dear mother, may she rest in peace, lost her life to brain cancer when i was sixteen months old. My older cousin told me my mother and father were very much in love. My father remarried seventeen months later to a woman who, as my stepmother, treated me with lots of love and affection. Until shortly after i became four years old and she gave birth to my father's baby. From that point on, i became unloved and emotionally abused by both my parents as their parental love and affection were given solely to their new child, and i received beatings regularly from my father during the next thirteen years, usually as a result of my stepmother provoking him. My brother, twelve months younger than me, received the very same abuse. I consider that nothing less than being abandoned by my father.
eleanorssong eleanorssong
56-60, F
Apr 15, 2012