Just 9 Years Old, Wish He Had Killed Himself Instead.

Just a 9 year old boy when he left. He was a great father. He owned a small business and I was his right hand man. I was living in the actual 'American Dream'. Small town, mom and dad, and no worries, then he just took off. 17 year later he E-Mailed me and we got in a heated arguement, based on the fact that he still is in denial that he was in the wrong for going away. He left to Central America, now he lives in London.
I told him to stay across the 'pond' or he will have trouble with me when he said I wasn't even his. At the time I was the same age he was when he left me. We look exactly the same. That is the way it ended. Now 22 years later I still wrestle with this, more now that I am a father. I never asked for this.
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My parents got divorced when I was one year old. My father (my mum says that he was an alcoholic and a drug-addict) never met me again, even though both my mum and I wanted me to meet him. To this day, I have never seen my real father, even though I do have a nice step-father.

its hard to go threw something like that, i went through without a dad....

I am sorry.

its okay. i learned on how to cope with it....