He Blames Me

I was abandoned completely by my dad when I was a year old. He and my mum split up when I was 3 months old and he would occasionally visit. When he found out his mistress was pregnant, he left me for good and we heard nothing from him for 17 years.
When I was 18, I found him on Facebook and wanted answers. He reckons he used to drive around looking for me, and his other daughters (aged 16 and 14 at the time) were all nicey-nicey to me at first. All that changed however, when the novelty wore off. The 2 of them just saw me as an interloper, someone who was trying to take their "daddy" away. Whenever I got into an arguement with them, he would take their side and say it was MY fault he abandoned me for so long, because I never got in touch sooner. I still see him, but I'm having very little to do with his daughters and his new girlfriend. Everyone in that family hates the fact I call him by his first name and don't call him dad. But to me, he'll never be my dad. He was never there when I needed him and isn't now. He has a chance to make up for it all, but he doesn't want to know.
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My father is exactly the same. He left, when I found him and tried to have a relationship, he had no input. Years later, I tried again through Facebook. He blamed me. I will not give him another chance. Life has enough disappointments already, don't need another one.