You Left Wit Another Woman.. How Could You!

He left. abandoned me, my family, he is a coward, i don`t think i will ever love him again. one day, my and my family went for what seemed to be a normal drive, we didn`t expect my dad to leave the very same day, my mom asked if we would like to go out for dinner, my dad said no, so we didn`t.
as soon as we got home my dad grabbed his keys and left, and hour later he came back. my mom asked him where he went, he replied ``i went out for dinner`` my mom took him out side and started talking to him, the talking turned into yelling, then screaming i was listening to part of the conversation, i heard my mom say ``is there another woman`` and he said ``yes, yes there is`` an she slapped him ran into the house locked the door. then told me, i was furious! how! Why! who! i didn`t know, i was balling, i ran into the forest i stayed watched the bird and the nature, it made me feel like everything was fine, even though it wasn`t and i knew it. i stayed there accompanied by nature for 5 hours in total...i can`t say anymore, sorry. this is making me cry, so i will have to end it here.
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1 Response Aug 27, 2012

I know this is difficult for you, I am sorry. Just know that both your parents love you and you will survive this. God bless you...