My Father Abandoned His 3 Sons As Adults- But It Still Hurts

My father was close to all of his 3 boys. We did ski trips, and all manner of family activities. My folks divorced in the 1980s, and both remarried in the 1990s. Mom's 2nd husband is a wonderful guy, but Dad's 2nd wife hated all of us- she saw us as a threat and competition for her , so she was able to lie and wreck his relationships with all four sons (in our 20s and 30s)- to the point contact with him rapidly shark- it got to the point we'd only see him Christmas eve- now we don't see him at all- I haven't seen Dad in 8 years- he hasn't met my little boy- his grandson, and doesn't want to!!!!!,

I have begged him in a letter, but he is not interested.

My brother ran into him, and Dad said 'I want nothing to do with YOU PEOPLE".

Its crushing- I thought Dad loved us- I know his wife has done everything she can to turn him against us- all we want is for him to be in our lives and in the lives of his grandchildren- but he is not interested. He is 80 years old, so he doesnt have many years ahead.
The heartache is staggering. My little boy means nothing to him, its like he drove a knife in my heart
TitanicExplorer TitanicExplorer
36-40, M
Jan 1, 2013