Growing Up Without Him

My dad abandoned me when i was only 2 months old. He left and moved to Florida leaving me and my mom. Me and my mom lived with my grandparents so they helped my mom raise me. I was really attached to my mom and grandparents and i still am to this day. My grandpa is pretty much my dad because he's the one that gives me fatherly love. Sadly though, he was just diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer they only give him up to 6 months and it really hurts me. So Now i'm going to change my last name to his last name (which is my mom's maiden name, and the last name i was supposed to have but i unfortunately got my fathers) So back to my story of my dad. So when i was like 2 i would always see these happy families on TV and then it hit me, Where's my "dad"? When i was 6, i talked to him for the first time, i was happyish, but to me he was a stranger, i had never met him at that time. my dad is crazy and that's why my mom dumped him and he left, they weren't married, so it wasn't a divorce. It sucks not having him in my life but his personality is awful he left me and apparently he doesnt care so why should i like him? I have a sad and crazy life, im loosing my grandpa, my dad doesn't give a damn about me. But i have to stay strong and show my dad what he missed out on. I still hate him for what he did and I will never forgive him.
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I'm sorry about that

Thank you so much