My Father..

First sorry for my english its not that good.

i was living a normal life. me and my two sisters, mom and dad. one day we were all around the diner table and my mom told me my father was moving out.. i was about 15 at that time.

some weeks went visited my father from time to time until i was 16. then all contact was lost.

i blamed myself..

he dident have any contact whit my sisters..

they was handeling it bether then me..

i was broken, no hope left.

fast forward to day.
im now 21. my father still dosent contact me. no letters, no phone calls, no sms...

but i miss my father... im a grown man who cries when i think off him...

shall i contact him? forgive him for what he done?

need your help guys.
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1 Response Jan 27, 2013

Don't forgive him because if he doesn't call, he doesn't seem to care about you. My dad left me when I was only 2 months old and he's only called a few times and then stopped. I will never forgive him. Don't cry over him you gotta stay strong and show him what he has missed out on he will regret it big time. Good luck