He Signed Away His Rights, Lived 3 Miles Away

Well, truthfully, i haven't talked to my mom about this... mainly cuz i think i may be afraid of the answer i get. I know that my father and mother got together in high school, she was 19 when she had me. There are pictures of him holding me, smiling at the camera; happy it seemed. But I was about a year and a half. Somethin happened. My mom allowed him to completely sign away his rights to me.

How can a father do that? I just really dont understand how you can hold your baby girl for that long and not at all want to be a part of her life. The weird thing about my situation, is that he lived 3 miles away, all through my childhood. I would see him at school events, out and about. But i have never had a converstation with him. I've never formerly met him. He has one girl with another woman, his daughter is about 6 years younger than me. I feel I missed out, but at the same time i hate him. I don't want to show him i care, by trying to make contact.

I had another man i called dad at the age of 5. I mean to me, he is my dad. But i have lost contact with him as he is a bad alcohaulic and i didnt realize till after my parents divorced when i was 14, how bad he was. He has more than 5 DUIs. I am, at this point, ashamed of him and how he can't seem to stop getting into legal and financial trouble.

Not really sure of what else to say, i guess i just wanted to see if anyone had any advice or insight into a situation like this. And if, by chance, someone else had to grow up knowing your father was right there, in your hometown and didn't care about you.
leigha44 leigha44
Feb 8, 2013