Grew Up Without A Father

Well, I was born and raised without a Father. I tried my best to locate him, contacted my Dad's relatives, specially his older sister in U.S.A. I live in Asia, so tracing my Dad was not that easy..I did my best to contact him but to no avail. I spoke with his sister and told me that they don't have communication. My Aunt told me that my father was lost.

My Mom was a victim. My Dad said that He was single but it was not true. He was married and my Mom was his second family. He fooled my Mom. Now, my Dad migrated in the U.S.A. I tried to search in white pages, yellow pages, and 411 in the internet but could not find him.

I am trying to apply for a U.S. Visa so I could locate my Dad. Should I pursue my plan to locate and see my Dad in the U.S.A, or I just give up on locating my Dad.

Is there a chance that I could see my Dad? I tried to search him in people search, networking sites like facebook, google, I found a match but the addresses are different...

Is there a chance that I will see my Dad? I haven't seen him with my entire life..It's been 39 years, I have not seen him at all..I ahve no boyfriend at the moment..I don't know how I should explain this if ever I have a boyfriend..

I want to marry a good man who is responsible. My Dad was irresponsible. He never gave any support. He has another family...What should I do? I am feeling so down that my family is not complete. My Mom died last 2008 out of depression...My Mom never got married after they separated with my Dad.

What should I do? Should I still do research and locate my Dad in U.S.A.? Is there a chance to meet my Dad? Any advice?

Someday, when I get married, I want my Dad to present on my wedding day...Is there a chance that I will meet my Dad?
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forget about him, i can relate with ur situation, my dad also abandoned me when i was 2 yrs of age. if they really cared about us they will look for us. i regret y i still search him, found him by the way last oct. 2013 and guess what he has a new fam and worst he got married even f his married with my mom, wanted to sue him bt im still thinking about it...wanted to revenge what he did to us...

Honey, do you know just how many women have been lied to be some no good man? You will likely NEVER see your father again and should be glad, because he very likely NOT want to see you!