About three years ago in September, I was physically abandoned by the man I once considered my hero. He was my best friend, my hero, and my protector. I miss him but he wants absolutely nothing to do with me. I understand that he wants his Wife and me to have a friendship but it'll never happen. I know her to well and don't like the type of person that she is. I don't have a Mom because she lost custody when I was two and doesn't want anything to do with me. So I am used to being abandoned and left without an explanation. I know this is probably really annoying to listen about. Sorry.
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Hugs dear, being left is not your fault but rather their fault of being unable to take responsibility. They would be going through some struggles in their own life but you got the effect of their decisions.

Exactly, I was actually told that I should write to Dr. Phil and see if he can help me understand why he left and not just for a woman because he doesn't even show my existence. I'm tempted to actually ask for help on the situation.

It's not annoying at all. I am actually in the same situation, except about 3 weeks ago my dad left that lady and decided to mend our broken relationship. My mom was never there because she was always taking care of my brother who is blind and disabled. Anyways. I'm always here if you need to chat. ❤️ I somewhat understand and that def wasn't annoying to listen too

Thank you. I doubt he'll ever end it with her and even if he does, I won't be willing to start a relationship with him. I've tried a million times and he just decides to make up promises and shatters them within a few minutes of what he promised. I am sorry about your experience hun.

That's how I felt at first. It took him almost 8 years to leave this women. I don't know why I was so willing to be there still...it's just how I am! I am such a people pleaser no matter how hurt I get. It sucks when you get your hopes up and then the person responsible for it crushes them with no regard