Growing up without a Father is one of the worse things that can happen to kids. The role of a father is so significant to a child. One word of approval from the father is worth more than 1000 friends cheering.

God made fathers so we can see how God is like - loving, strong, protective and the provider of the family. Daddy is the one you run to when someone bullies you, he's the one you ask for things you'd like to have - a new bike, toys or new clothes - whatever you want!

Also the image of the Father is the most destroyed one. Interestingly, Of all the roles, God wants us to call him 'Father'. It is the most intimate and endearing term - it means provision, protection, identity and a lot more.

In the eyes of a little child, daddy could do no wrong and daddy is all-knowing and all-powerful, in short, daddy is 'God' to a child.

And maybe , the devil knowing that God has chosen 'Father' as how he wants to be addressed, has totally destroyed the role of a Father. So, now people dont want to hear about God, their father as their earthly father was an absentee father or abusive.

 You might not have had a great father who loved you and cared for but there is someone more powerful and more loving whose arms are always strong to defend you and whose embrace and love you can never run away from and he is Daddy God and he loves you.

He will never walk out of your life, just because you mess up. He does not wait for you to straighten your life up before he loves you. He will love you always - thats forever.. He gave his life..so that you can enjoy yours before you even knew him...thats how much he loved you!

The best thing is just to rest in his arms, sing of his love and discover how loved you are! the more you realise his love for you - the more his blessings flow freely into your life!

See yourself as the child of the God of the universe! thats who you are and you have every right to God as your 'Daddy' because the only person who had the right to God as 'Daddy' was rejected and forsaken by God so that when you say 'Daddy' God can legally answer you and hold you in his loving arms and nothing in heaven or earth can make you lose your relationship with God.

Our earthly fathers are limited - the may not be able to get us all that we need or ask. The best part is - But our heavenly Father's riches no man can comprehend - he made the diamonds and sapphires and owns everything. He is powerful, there's nothing impossible for him.

Just as a father delights in seeing his children happy, Daddy God loves to see you happy and he has done everything to make that possible. That's amazing!

You know the plans you have for me

You will complete your work in me

My name's engraved upon your heart

Because of Christ, I am your child!

I'll be still know that you are God

By your Spirit, l cry

My Abba, My Father

You'll love me forever

My future's secure in your hand

You've crowned me with glory to worship you only

To none else will I bow my heart

For you are my Abba, My God!


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