It All Started With Cocain..

im 15 now..but wen i was born i was born with cocain in my blood and was taken away from my mom right away..then she got me back later on then she left me alone with my grandma who haf a stroke.. then iwas finally taken away from her for good..but throught out the years we still were kinda close until the day i saw her do meth right in front of my face..n was sent away to jail..nothings been the same. she married some guy..and he decided to hit n i havnt seen him since...wen i as in the hospital ward..she told me to f**** off and die and..shes said sorry but i havnt forgivin her :( but i hav my step mom now.. im happy with her..
mac22lover mac22lover
18-21, F
Aug 1, 2011