I Have A Daughter

I have a daughter she resides in Heaven. her name is Gracie Ella. She was born sleeping. I don't have any pictures or anything from her. I wasnt allowed to see her. The hospital(?) cremated her because I was unable to care for myself after having her I had a nervous breakdown. I dont have a death certificate...NC did not consider her dead because she was never alive. I hate it when people say...you wouldn't understand you dont have kids. I do and she was here, she would have been 12 on Dec. 6, 2011. I miss her. She was loved. I was alone when she was born. Her father did not want her and prayed she would be dead. My mother said she didnt want grandkids, and prayed that I would have a miscarriage. They both told me this! They got their ways. I am miserable becuase my body and arms ache to hold her. My heart has hurt everyday since. Life stopped for me on that day. I cry everyday for her and wish I could have 5 seconds with her. I am a good person. I work in Nursing, caring for many people always putting on a smile even when my heart is so destroyed i dont think i will make it another day. Nobody understands my pain. I am not worth anything.
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1 Response May 4, 2012

I have 5 children that reside in Heaven. I met two of them that were born sleeping, Joy Nicole and Sean Thomas. You are a mother that lost a child and you should go through the grieving process as such. Grieving a loss through miscarriage or still birth may not be as intense as a loss of a child at an older age, but it is painful nonetheless, and should be treated as such. Miscarriage or still birth grief should not be underestimated. The bottom line is a mother lost her baby and will grieve all that should have been. Like all bereaved persons, she should be given that time to mourn. May God comfort you as you go through such a difficult Season.