My Happy Toddlerhood

My mother had me at a young age, 17, and my father was 19 or 20. They were happy for a while, your average hippy couple who smoked weed and led a life full of love. This changed however when my father decided to get serious in his job career and stopped smoking. My mother went the opposite direction and got into much harder stuff and left me with my father so that she could run off with her drug dealer. That was all sad and horrible but would have been alright, little 1 1/2 year old baby Amber still had her daddy. At least for a little while. My father died in a motorcycle accident a year later. My mother, thinking some kind of money would be in it for her, swooped in and took me back. From there she would leave me at her relatives houses, friends houses, babysitters, for weeks at a time and when she had me, I still have the vague memory of her snorting a line off the coffee table in front of me... So I can only imagine. Eventually she made the mistake of leaving me with my aunt and uncle on my deceased fathers side. They saw what she was doing and were outraged. They took my mother to court for custody of me, an event she did not attend, and so I was then adopted by my aunt and uncle and had a restraining order on my mother until I turned 18. I will soon be locating the woman. I have also learned that I have at least two little sisters, I intend to find them as well.
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My mom pretty much got rid of me when I was seven and I grew up to be a troubled child. I bounced around because of that, but now I have a place in the air force and I somehow make it by.

So grateful for my parents!!

WOW !!! So grateful for the life I've had so far!!

Holy ****. That's bad, man. My heart goes out to you.
We all can heal, as you know. Not easy though. SO if you get 'down' for no reason, remember there is an obvious cause. It will help. Somewhat.

Great story , a little sad!! You must proud
of yourself , I am.

A tough trip ahead? But a necessary one, I think. Good luck!

You are a brave women. keep it positive for you kids. Past is gone Future is whats a head of us.