Glad She's Gone

When my sister was born my parents decided it would be easier to split the work, my dad would take care of me and my mom would take care of my sister. Well for a couple of years thats how it was, until my mom stopped being around she was constantly in and out of our lives. As we got older you could definitely see my bond to my dad and how much my personality matched his. You could also see how my sister's matched our mother's. Well now our mom is completely out of our life and has been for a while. Thats fine with me because i hate her so much for how she treated us and for her never being around, thats not the problem though its that my sister is so much like her and its turning into me hating my sister as i should my mom when my sis isnt the one who did all of those terrible things to me. Although my sis has those bad qualities, we are teenagers and its still ok she has time to grow and change and as she is getting better about certain things and starting to treat me with respect i would like to do the same thing for her, but it is really hard.
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Please don't your mother's actions dictate your feelings towards your sister. Remember, in the end, you and your sister only have each other until you start your own families.

The both of you are teenagers, and you have your entire lives ahead of you. From experience, I never changed over night. However, during everyday, you experience a subtle (unnoticeable) change that eventually leads a large change. You will know this as you reflect on life every now and then.

I know exactly what you are feeling, and it is extremely difficult. Just try to be the best person you can be without letting your emotions get the best of you.

I know it's hard for you, I'm sure it's hard for the entire family. It's good that your sister is beginning to respect you, she is only behaving like she was taught.

In my experience it's destructive to hate anyone. I understand that you have every right to hate her but your hatred isn't hurting or changing your mother. You need to keep her out of your life for the sake of your own well-being but I think you'll be healthier if you can just let it go. *hugs* Good luck.