A Childs Cloud Of Obliviousness

I find it funny how we as children live our lives in a perfect cloud of obliviousness, but answer grow we find the shell of naive preconceptions of the world tend to fade and suddenly our lives seem less magical. As most of you my mother left me when I was young I'm not exactly sure the reasons why but she now claims that she did it for us.(my sister and I) the only thing that sucks worse than you mom leaving you is not knowing who your father is when she dose. She left me with my younger sisters father. Every time I try to let he back into my life even for the smallest amount of time she takes advantage. she steals money and leaves me again and doesn't call again until she needs something. I am now married with a beautiful son and a very successful career. I love my life now but I feel it is so empty with out a maternal figure to help me to lead me in the way that all mothers should. I did finally get in touch with my father he is a wonderful man and as far as I know he had no clue about me. The one child my mother did not abandon is my brother and I am so vividly jealous of him. We constantly but heads fight and the we don't talk at all. He always talks about how hard his life was and all the other insanely crazy things but what he does not realize is that he has everything that I ever wanted as a child... End rant for now :S
Linz1444 Linz1444
22-25, F
Jan 21, 2013