What I Have Peoblems With

At birth when my mother found out I was a girl she at that point tried to give me to her mother. Well my grandmother thought if she took me home she would change her mind,instead she would leave me alone in the house for hours until it was time for my father to come home. Well he came home early one day and found out she had been going and getting drunk and leaving me unfed and in a dirty diaper all day. This happened in 1964 so fathers just didn't get custody in those days. So at age 2 my maternal grandparents took custody of me. From that point on I was physically abused along with mentally. When my mother was around she sexually abused me. So since I have been old enough to try to be in relationships I have had problems. I have been married 5 times. I am able to love but have serious abandonment issues,along with depression. The funny thing is most people I know come to me for advice. Until recently I was outgoing lately I have been withdrawn and afraid to get involved on any level with anyone else for the fear of being hurt again.

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I am the same way. Everyone comes to me for advice but I have no one to go to because of the abandonment issues. Like you, I just feel so afraid of trying again with anyone.

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Sherry Clyburn

my Mother died 2 years ago but we spoke before she died I forgave her for me

That's terrible. Are you on any speaking terms with your mother now?