I Just Want to Know Why

when i was 2, i dont remember her, i only have 3 pictures of her, she left, my dad was there,  but ..mean..and you know, out of it. I only have one side of the story, but time has proven it may have been true, it's hard to beleive a real liar, I might not ever know the truth about ...why, for what, where'd you go, WHY, I wish I could just know why and if idid would it matter, or would all this be better left alone, it's so hard, I know she is alive and lives close to me, should i ?  I think she has had another family, although no other birth chidlren, I fill the hole with alcohol and pills, i can barely write this, it just really makes me not ok. missy

andrealynn1 andrealynn1
2 Responses Mar 11, 2009

i have the same story. u should get rid of the pills and drink tho, i did that. You will feel better, i did it. (no smoke up the ***) just use your bravery. I looked at a picture of my mother recently, and she looked so normal compared to the ugly picture i had in my head. Just a normal looking woman, which made me wonder more kinda like you i think. why does she look so normal but leaves her kids? depressing. well contact me anytime, i like to talk.

So sorry. Did you say you could contact her? Maybe that would help.