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To all my old friends who abandoned me I am sorry I got sick I am sorry I ended up paralyzed I am sorry I don't fit in any more but what you did was unforgiveable I waited for you to visit me I waited for seven months but nothing I don't know way you can't look past the chair you did not return my calls when I left hospital it hurt alot we have been trough alot mike I was there when his mum died craig I was there when you told your family that you where gay graham I was there after your car crash the one good thing about getting sick was learning the way you all really are
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You are not alone, not matter how much it may seem so. ;) I am currently bed-ridden and unable to get up most days. When I do get out of the house (very rarely) it is in a wheelchair. All but one of my friends have abandoned me, and even then she is busy most of the time with her own life. (I am very grateful for her, though). And I feel for you, not having a great friend who will stick by you like mine has.

It hurts to be left behind, but that's why you can't let it get you down! If they want to leave you behind, then to hell with them! If they can't stay by your side in your time of need then they were never truly your friends, and that's their loss. Don't go fretting over them, they never deserved you.
I know that words don't mean much, but they're all I have. So please believe me when I say that you will meet other people who will care. I don't know how or when, but I know. Because, you will never be alone. ;)
If you're ever lonely, or just want to talk, just let me know.
(Or you can ignore me if I sound too 'stalkerish', kay?) :)

I "Hear" You.....By this time I will be hoping that You've found a new routine...something to look up and out over. I'm sick to death of ignorant people who tell us to "Not feel sorry for ourselves, look on the bright side, I'll say a "prayer" for you--ICK, there is still life left to live and yadda friggin yadda"" <br />
<br />
Human beings DO NOT understand what it's like to be struck down by something, to live in a whole knew (an often extremely difficult way) especially if there is PAIN, and then to be ABANDONED by others....There is NO HAPPY in that. It is spirit and mind crushing. It's damned hard to be positive when our world is ripped apart by tragedy; harder still when everyone we knew turns their back and walks away. No Class No Character. <br />
<br />
My empathies even as I hope things have smoothed out for you in the health and friendship dept. xxx

PS: We know today via Neuro-Sciences, that there are a LOT more bonafide Narcissists and Psychopaths walking the streets (Personality Disordered peeps). Sometimes others are very good a "Playing @ Friends" but are actually too self-absorbed, weak, "users" of people and circumstance. For some of these "friends", their inability to repay good for good is maybe NOT because of some Mental crack in their thinking, like above, but simply low, undisciplined Character/LAZINESS of the spirit....My Nephew is "Weak" like that, He could NOT go visit is loving Granny when she ended up in end stage Nursing Home....He would not go in to see her AT ALL......He isn't mean, he's just weak, frightened, a scaredy cat...somehow he was never taught about character or about responsibility or about facing the hard things whether we like them or not......

I am so sorry for your dissapointment. I will listen, any time.

Those were never your friends just acquaintances. People are afraid of others that are not like them that is all.

to most people it is just words and in time fo trouble you find out who cares and those that turn there back on you till you are better then they at like notherg ever happened<br />
<br />
and i willbe here if you need to talk i do undertand<br />
<br />
ihave only had a few others in my life i could awlays count on and that was as a child that was my girl friends / wife and her mother that were alwasy there for me i just could not be there when one was killed and her mother killed her self thinking she had lots both of her kids i had lived with them from just before age 13 full time and on weekend for a year or so before that

This is so sad to read,obviously I am aware of what happened as we have discussed it on EP however just to read what you have written I simply can not understand how so called friends could abandon you at your time of need.<br />
I am always here for you my friend,garvan.

I don't know why they did that but it was clearly wrong, I've had friends who in the end never cared for me, but you've had enough already so I guess you could try not to add that situation and live the present, I mean change is not always bad, change brings a lot more than just pain, you'll see. I like to think of those movies where if a certain thing hadn't happen it wouldn't have brought a new opportunity.

I can totally relate to your experience. I like Blood's reply too but the friends I hung around with came back only after everything was okay, they never called or visited when I was very sick for almost a year. The only person that helped was a wonderful girl named Lisa whom I barely knew and first met at a club, we became best friends ever since. Forgive those friends and let them go, thinking about what they did will only hurt you more. Perhaps its time for some new friends.

I like Blood's reply, but realize you may be disappointed, again...Please be strong, and contact me here if communicating with me could help you.

think true freinds are very rare<br />
but willing to talk with you if that help

I am sorry to hear that not one of your good friends came to you in your time of need. people really do show their true colors when someone needs a friend. I sure wouldnt be calling those people back in my life. Some things are better left alone. I hope you are on a good path now and bless your heart for having to go through what you have went through feeling alone and left behind. :(

Perhaps they were never your real friends to begin with. People show their true colours.

It ain't nice to be let down by your friends. Have you tried calling them since you got out. Dealing with new problems can be awkward but the longer you put it off the more awkward it gets. They probably had every intention of seeing you but now they feel so awkward they don't know how to make it up to you. Try giving them an open invite and see if they turn up you may be surprised. Sometimes us mortals just need a bit of a shove to get going. It's worth a try isn't it? It sounds like you've been through a lot together already