A Real Friend...yeah...right

Several years ago I got my heart broken...really shattered...and because I was still "depressing to be around" a month or so late my "good" friend decided she just couldn't keep spending time with me til I "got over it"...needless to say, our so called friendship has never been the same cause now I know it is too hard for her to be a real friend. The best part is that all this happened after I helped her thru her divorce which took her a year or so to stop being "depressing to be around" but I thought real friends are there for you when you are down...oh well, better to find out the truth then waste being friends with a phoney!
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I am going through something similar now and I feel I am totally alone. I am always there for everyone of my friends and even just people I know when they are in need. but now that I am going through terrible, time, after finally managing to get away from an abusive relationship and being still harrasses and being depressed, I am alone. my friends know what is going on, still all going on and they dont even call or text to know how i am. I am sorry if it feels like I being ...but I feel hurt by them. I feel abandoned.

Its not hard to be a good friend.You listen to them,you make them laugh,you share their lives ! Works for me.

I agree...it's not hard but you have to be willing to give of yourself.

You need to be unselfish and really commit.We have shallow lives these days,we need to really dig in so our friendships have a solid foundation of love,respect and trust.

Wow, I am really sorry about your "friend" FB. Definitely going to be her loss. But it always hurts to be let down by someone we thought would be there for us. If my friends dropped me every time i got depressed, i'd have none, as I suffer with depression. Considering that though, I guess I really only have a few very good friends. But those friends will never ever let me down, and i would never let them down. I would always rather a few close friends, than a dozen half friends! Truly feel sorry for that person.

Sweet of you to say...thank you. Yeah, I have only ever had a handful of close friends and I thought this person was one of those until this. Sooner or later you find out who your REAL friends are and you usually can coun't them all on one hand but I'll take quality over quantity any day1