Leaving Me

i was in my early 20"s and i was dating a man who i felt was everything. I hid him from everyone in my life. NO ONE knew i was dating him ..I would always say that i was at my friend's house when i was with him.

He had a little apartment and it didn't have much.. but he worked a lot. He was out of town. He spent a few weekends a month in town and i would come and spend a night with him. He was the second man i was with.

It was the summer of 1996 and i spent the night with him. I wasn't feeling well and then i woke in the night with a high fever. He jumped up and said i am taking you to the ER. So he took me to the local ER, drove me to the front door and he was going to park the car and come back.

I went in and the er tech took me back. They did some test and i kept waiting for my BF to come back. After some time they doctor came in and said i had a strep throat. They gave me fluids and some IV antibiotics.

I asked the nurse is she could see if my bf was in the waiting room. She went and checked and he wasn't there. After about six hours i was discharged. I went to the front and i looked all around and that as when i realized that he had dropped me off and just left me there.

i called my friend. I started to cry when i told her what happened. She and her husband came and got me. Her husband thought of me as his little sister and he decided he was driving over to my bf's apt and finding out what the hell has happend.

My bf was there.  He answered the door after my friends hubby banged on the door and threatened him. He opened the door and said that he didnt want any trouble.

I asked him why he just left me there

That is when he dropped the bomb.. he was married and really lived in Colorado and only worked in here and had the apt temporary. I crumpled on the ground because earlier that night at the dinner that he had made in that little apt he had just been talking about marrying me, getting a Little house and having a child some day.. having a real life.

This gutless wonder had abandoned me at the ER when i was so scared and i had no idea what was going on. it wasn't the last time something like this has happened to me. I am sure it won't be the last and sometimes i still hurt when i think about this. i really believed he loved me.
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I am sorry to hear that, my dad is ill with cancer right now and my bf of over two years has broken up with me over the phone over a false suspicion that i am cheating on him,..he has not called back in over a week, it definitely hurts. but perhaps it's for the best as he was also quite irrational and verbally abusive most of the time.

How horribly sad. It was always obviously always about him. I hate self-absorbed people like that.

I can only imagine how hard it must have been for you.

welcome to the real world. took me seven years to figure it out.

I am so sorry to hear of your pain, next time investigave a protential lover, always know someone background.

Be careful who you get close with some people are very selfish and shallow.

You are so very right

What a yellow bellied coward.You are much better than that,you deserve to be treated with love,respect,honesty and kindness.Thank yourself lucky that he did go when he did.you avoided years of pain and lies.If you love yourself you won't be treated like this.You will develop boundaries and flourish.I love you sis.xxx

thank you so much my sis and you are right .. bit the bullet