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I was blown up in a horrific and life altering combat event. I lost my two buds Glen and Nick. I was transported back to the states with a memory problem that still effects me even today along with constant pain in my hips and back. When I returned to the states I was so appreciative for my wife,kids and my friends with there family. But where was my rest of my family? On a beach smoking and drinking.They said they put a deposit on the condo for just 160 bucks and didnt want to loose it if they come see me. a few months later one of my relatives got bit by a spider which sent him into a overnight er and oh my god I thought the world was going to end! So I say F this and if they want to interact its them that will have to come see me and I might forgive them.
superport100 superport100 26-30 1 Response Aug 8, 2012

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wait till VA get thought with you