He Left Without Saying Goodbye

He cheated on me with my bestfriend in a time of need, i had just lost my grandfather and started back with the cutting...and he kissed my "best friend" i went into a deep depression after that, people say your wasy to young to feel such a thing...well guess what we all are humans which share the same emotions...i couldnt help but to feel that i could trust him with my thoughts...and i also couldnt help but to love him....he was just so perfect....but its time i move on ...i guess :/
emokidd254 emokidd254
13-15, F
2 Responses Nov 19, 2012

No one have the right to tell you how to feel ! Being hurt by someone we love and trust had no age ! You must move on he's not perfect you're saying this because you love him but a perfect person doesn't cheat on the person they love with their bf or even let them down ! you must know that he was a Big idiot to let you go ! Just move on he doesn't deserve u the person you fell in love with doesn't exist anymore now he'ss an ather person so keep it up and good luck

There is one word for a guy like that: D-I-C-K. You deserve someone so much better than that. Trust me, you will get over him.