We've Been Through Too Much...

We've been through tough times before and have still pulled through together. But never anything as serious as this.

I have always said -and meant- I didn't want any more children until I was married. Because it was tough doing it alone with 1 already. But nobody wants to LOSE a child. I found out I was pregnant and micarrying all in the same day. I have no one to truly express how this made me feel. And it makes me mad to know that u are too stubborn to put your own feelings aside to even consider hearing how hurt I am. It's always *** for tat with u. We're gettin a Lil too old for this.

I brush u off because its soooo hard to express myself to someone who doesn't even have a interest in what I have to say. And that is the attitude I get from u. If u would jus tell me u dont care, it would be so simple.

U admitted to me once how u truly felt about me, but Ur actions have showed me otherwise. And for u to be playing around with a situation like this makes me want to hate u.

The thing that is getting to me the most is hearing the baby's heart beat slow down... It was as if he was fighting to be here. And I feel so bad because of all of the horrible things I said-and meant- about not wanting another child. How I would abort it... Never did I imagine feeling that terrible horrible feeling after hearing what was growing inside of me putting up a struggle to be here.

And u won't even talk to me to find out the whole story. I have nobody else to tell this to. How could u act so selfish at a time like this? I don't understand how we got through the petty things together but u can't even b man enough to put your pride and stubbornness away for 1 day to comfort me.

I still thought u were my friend, regardless of what we go through. But I guess I was wrong.
BorderlineMind BorderlineMind
22-25, F
Nov 19, 2012