What Did You Do For Me?

You invited me into your life. You told me I was your friend and that you loved me as such. You allowed me to trust you. You introduced me to a lover, who you encouraged to date me and make love to me even though he did not love me and you knew that. You invited me to live in your home. He broke my heart. You said you were there for me but when I was truly sad, you were not. You said I was selfish and you called me a ***** because I found another lover. You told me I could no longer live in your home or even visit and stopped inviting me to see my other friends. You told them terrible things about me that were not true. They stopped seeing me as well. And finally you told me I was the one who screwed this up after everything you did for me? What exactly did you do for me?
origamilover origamilover
22-25, F
Nov 25, 2012